Home away from home: How to pack for a mini weekend getaway

An overnight, or even a two-night stay can be hard to pack for.  Depending on where you’re off too, the weather is always a touch unreliable. Of course you can check the forecast, but there will always be some ‘just in case’ additions to be on the safe side.

Here’s our tips and tricks to packing ‘light’ for a mini getaway. Store this guide in your back pocket, and thank us later.

The Bag

Not too big and not too small. A small – medium suitcase works, and so does a linen type duffel bag. Something that will fit easily in the boot of a car full of people and their bags, or easily in the overhead storage compartment on the plane. Also, light enough to carry comfortably is a life saver.

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Not a HUGE deal if you forget these. The supermarket is sure to have some toothpaste, a toothbrush, face wash and hair styling products etc. However, if you are going on a flight make sure you only pack liquids under 100mls in your carry on luggage. Otherwise you’ll be heart broken when security throws your $60 bottle of blonde shampoo straight in the bin and you have to fork out from your spending money to grab some more. Invest in some plastic 100ml travel bottles for this very reason.


Underwear – 2 pairs of knickers per day and 2 bras, an everyday bra and a strapless or push up style for the evening.

1 structured blazer

1 pair of jeans

1 pair of chinos

2 tees or button down shirts

1 cardigan/knit

1 pair of flats

1 pair of heels, wedges or heeled boots

1 dress



Do you pack an outfit per day? Big mistake. Chances are you WILL wear that cardigan more than once. Once probably on the first day, the second afternoon and then whilst travelling home on the last…

Bonus tip:

Use a vacuum bag. Seriously genius!

Going somewhere hot and want to flaunt the bod in the 8 new swimsuits you impulse bought at Seafolly? Sure, throw them in the vacuum bag and be amazed at how much space you STILL have!

Heading to the snow and don’t want to wear the same ski pants and parker all weekend. Because, freezing cold wet snow… Vacuum bags don’t get enough love for space savers they really are. Now you can achieve style without being that person lugging a extra large suitcase 2 hours away from home.

Do you have a must-bring for any weekend getaway? If so, leave us a comment below.


Featured image via Pinterest and duffel bag via Cotton On


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