How to master contouring

Face contouring is one of the biggest beauty trends to take over the world since the red lip. It’s flawless finish leaves your face highlighted in all the right places. This kind of beauty regime is a time consuming one, however, and can look somewhat heavy, so most leave it for special occasions and events when they’re really trying to achieve that super glam look.

You will need:

– three types of foundation, one that matches your skin tone, one that is lighter than your skin tone and one that is darker than your skin tone. Alternatively, you can invest in a contour palette, which has a bunch of shades to last you through both the Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer months – win win!

– setting powder to finish.

– foundation brush (x3 for each colour or wipe clean in between)

– powder brush

– blending brush or sponge blender (pictured)


Let’s get started.

Firstly wash your face and use a light moisturiser all over your face before using your foundation brush to apply a healthy layer of the foundation to match your skin tone.

Using another foundation brush, apply the light foundation under your eyes, in the middle of your forehead, down the sides of your nose, under the brow bones and along your jawline.

Next, apply the dark foundation to your cheekbones, top of forehead and down both sides of your nose. This colour should overlap the light foundation slightly.

Do you look like a bit of a beauty clown?

Perfect, believe it or not… that means you are doing it right!

Next, it’s blending time! Using the blending brush or sponge, blend the two tones together using a circular motion. Blend until you cannot see any distinct lines and the colours have completely mixed together to create those cheekbones you’ve been dreaming about.

Lastly, set everything with powder (loose or translucent kinds are great for a long last) – using the specific setting brush, cover you entire face.

Ta dah!

You’ve mastered contouring. Now, you’re ready to move onto glamming your eyes, brows and lips!

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