Tips to Winter-proof your Home

Oh baby. It’s cold outside!

New to Canberra, or born and bred here. Nothing ever really prepares you for our chilly Winter every time it comes around. Year after year we regret the words spoken only a few months before, “it’s too hot, I can’t wait for Winter”.

Really? Don’t. Ever. Say. That. Again! *said between shivers and sniffles*

Sure, Winter in CBR does have some perks – like being less than 2 hours away from some of Australia’s best snow fields – everyone else has to travel a lot further. Being able to wear layers and layers of great fashion, spend toasty nights by a fire roasting marshmallows – yum, and getting all cosy on the couch with hot choccies and blankets every Sunday.

We believe being organised in time for Winter is the key, here’s our top tips to Wintrerproof your home (and life) to ensure you don’t get caught out mid-June and FREEEEZE.

1.     Close doors to rooms un-used and place draught stoppers (snakes or plaited ropes) at the bottom of entries.

2.     Replace summery rugs and mats with wintery rugs.

3.     Bring out the throws and knitted blankets and drape over all lounges or have stored in a basket in seating areas for when you have visitors.

4.     Make sure all windows are properly closed. Secure with a wooden stick if they can be drafty.

5.     Apply weather seals for around your windows and doors

6.     Replace summery thin curtains with thick curtains to protect against any drafts.

7.     Regulate your heating with a thermostat.

8.     Park the car under cover or in the garage to avoid a frosty windscreen early in the morning.

9.     Keep a jacket, gloves, scarf and beanie in the car for if you need last minute. The afternoons are known to get much colder than when the sun is shining around mid-morning/lunch time.

10.  Clean out your gutters and have the trees close to the house trimmed.

11.  Get your smoke alarms tested to make sure they’re working properly.


Did we miss anything? How do you stay warm during Winter in Canberra?

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