How to Brow: The Lowdown on Brow Shaping

Welcome back to our bookmark worthy series of How To Brow ‘edi-tutorials’.

Local beauty expert and owner of #onfleek brows herself, Merissa Devine from byDevine is on board with us sharing the lowdown on all things Brows. We’ve covered tinting here, and now it’s time to master the art of Shaping.

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Hey brow lovers! I am so excited to yet again share how to get your brows #onfleek in this edi-tutorial “How to Shape”. Let’s get dirty…


Heat your wax pot on high – you need to make sure the wax is hot enough to pull out all those unwanted hairs but cool enough not to burn your poor face. Unsure? Always test the wax on your wrist before applying, if it burns, it’s too hot and you need to turn it down a notch. Remove all makeup and oil residue from the brow area and apply pre wax sanitizer to your brows and surrounding skin.

With a paddle pop stick (wax spatula) line your face, this will be your guide on where to wax and where not to. Rule of thumb – line the stick from the side of your nose to the inner corner of your brow, this will be where your brows start. Then line from the bottom tip of your nose to the outer corner of your eye, I love a long dramatic arch so tend to go a little longer than the outer corner of my eye and this will be where the brow should end.

Now apply powder to the brows and surrounding skin in prep for your wax.


I use strip wax for the brows to ensure a clean removal. With a tiny wax spatula, apply the wax to the middle of your t zone (the area between your brows, where they start) and remove with a wax strip. Apply again to the top of the brow, ensuring not to take too much of your natural hairs as this will lower the brow shape, remove with a wax strip.

Lastly, apply wax to the eye lid (always make sure the eyes are closed) and remove with a strip.


You want to avoid going over the same area more than twice. If some hairs aren’t budging, go through with your trusty tweezers to ensure a smooth, clean area.

Apply after wax cream to soothe the area.


God forbid you have burnt yourself.. don’t fret! Apply the soothing lotion and avoid all contact with anymore wax or makeup products. Trust me, we have all been there and the first thing we want to do is cover it with layers of foundation. DON’T! your pores are open because of the hot wax so the last thing you need is to apply anything that will block them. This will cause those hideous teeny tiny bumps that aren’t pretty. If you’re finding the wax isn’t picking up any of those unwanted hairs, chances are it may not be hot enough. Turn it up a notch but always ensure to test patch it on your wrist first.


If you’re going out in public after or your brows are a little light for your fleekness liking, apply a tint or brow powder to fill them out. Just always remember applying any other makeup such as concealer or foundation will block your pores!


You can purchase all the products mentioned in this edi-tutorial from the Capital Salon Supplies store in Fyshwick.

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