Go Minimalist: How to de-clutter your home

Feeling overwhelmed and as if you’re drowning in chores, tasks, bills and to-lists all the time? Why not go ‘minimalist’?

Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it. It is a life that forces intentionality. And as a result, it forces improvements in almost all aspects of your life.

Sounds a little too hard to start? Firstly, lets start with your home, a relaxing living space flows into the rest of out lives plus it’s the perfect way to get rid of that unnecessary clutter

Let’s get started…

1.     Make a list.

Work out which rooms you want to tackle first and write down what you’d like to throw away, donate to charity and/or sell. Making a list makes tasks less intimating plus you can do a little happy dance every time you tick off an item.

2.     Prepare three piles. One to throw away, one to donate to charity and one to sell items online or at a garage sale.

The trick to this is to stick to it and not keep taking from each pile and justifying why you should keep something. If it made the list in the first place, it’s time to let go and take a step closer to minimalism.

3.     Go through your entire closet

Set aside clothes, shoes and accessories by seasons; Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. Also prepare the same piles for these items. As a rule, if you haven’t worn something in 6-12 months it’s got to go!

4.     Leave the Garage until last.

The garage is bound to have the most ‘stuff’ in it. Old Christmas decorations, boxes from birthday toys and furniture items, the skis and snow gear given to you that you had every intention of using, but that was 3 years ago and you still haven’t gotten around to that weekend at Thredbo… This is likely going to be the biggest de-cluttering job. So perhaps save it for when the inside of the house is done and you’re almost ready to host a garage sale.


5.     Home office

Paper, receipts, mail… the list goes on. Who else has a pile of papers needing to be filed? These are important documents that must be kept so try and be organised from the beginning. Buy a filing cabinet or individual filing boxes/bags for each family member and use labels to separate the sections for easy to navigate filing on the spot.

6.     Kitchen cupboards.

TupperwHERE IS THE F*CKING LID… Haha we had too! You can’t live with it (neatly) and you can’t live without it. Prepare yourself a strong coffee and make it a priority to through this cupboard. Keep only the things you actually use and give away the 6 other muffin bake trays you got as part of the Spring two for one sale, three years in a row. We know it looks pretty and the new whiz bang colours get us every time, but if you don’t use it, it’s clutter. Same goes for utensils and the dreaded second draw full of every bit and bob you ever saw.

7.     Favourite pieces

Now the house is looking a little less cluttered the fun begins. If you haven’t already use your favourite pieces to add your style back into your own…we know its not realistic to live in a perfect white walls, no soul home. Favourite books can be used as Vignettes, dust off that roman helmet your partner had to buy overseas or the pretty silk scarf you love but never wear and use them to decorate. Not only do you create a home you love but they are great talking pieces.

Once you’ve done the hard part and successfully de-cluttered your home, you may find that you needed to upgrade and/or replace a few items. Using your new found love for living minimal and find some new favourite pieces with the pennies you made from selling those old skis,  kayak & muffin tins.


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