8 accessories to make your work outfit pop

Looking the part in any work environment is important and a major key to success. Being taken seriously, coming across as professional and having confidence are the main reasons why structured corporate attire is largely appropriate and encouraged in just about any office environment.

Careers that require a uniform for staff is one way of ensuring their business is represented the best it possibly can be whilst also controlling the overall perception of the brand when viewed by a customer or client etc. In this case, you may have rules as to how you can accessorise your uniform, so you may want to check with your employer before applying the following tips.

A question many people have is how they can spruce up their somewhat plain corporate wear to help put a bit of pop in their day. Here are some simple ways you can inject some colour and style into your work-robe.

The scarf

Perfect for that pop of colour, a scarf can offer so many possibilities – worn as a neck tie, something to combat the cold or to break up a blazer or jumper.

The jewellery

A statement necklace or earrings can add a little soul to your standard corporate attire. Plus it can totally put a bounce in your step.

The handbag

Not just for carrying your phone, wallet, 8 shades of lipstick and bobby pins. The right handbag can take your outfit from assistant to #bosslady. Fun fact some occupations can claim handbags on tax if they are used for carrying work files, laptops etc… Kaching!!


The blouse

Think florals, neck ties and silk…. Oh all the pretty!

The shoes

From sparkly flats, androgynous patent brogues, kitten heels, boots and sandals a girl can never have too many shoes. If you do decide to sport those higher then your average heels be sure to pack a pair of flats in your (tax deductable) handbag for those times you’re on the run.

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