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Ladies of Canberra can’t get enough of this hair goddess! Lexi is well-known for being one of the best colourists in our City and due to the hype… we just had to find out more about her.

Tell us how you got into the industry, and when you decided to go solo in your career.

I don’t have any stories of when I was young, like I always played with hair or anything like that, But I was always interested in hair and what influence it can have in the fashion industry. Its been over 10 yrs now and honestly it just keeps getting better! I F%^K*@G LOVE MY JOB! Don’t know if you wanna put that in i just felt the need to express it haha

I went solo when A Flick Of Hares came about because Canberra’s never had any freelancing available, so I jumped at the opportunity! Seriously, best decision I ever made.

In the last few years navigating business as a freelancer, have you faced any challenges?

Its been a year now I’ve been doing this but even when I was at a salon I always worked my ass off to make a name for myself. I worked long hours, trained and CONTINUE to train and always network where ever I see the opportunity. Even now I keep doing this, hard work will ALWAYS be the key to any success, these can also be  challenges though. The last year I’ve worked 6 days a week doing 10-12 hrs days, 8 months of that time I travelled to Sydney on a Saturday to work at Edwards and Co in Alexandria. Needless to say this left me with an almost zero social life or time to just relax. Now that I’m quite established in Canberra I’m slowing down a little but my career will always be my priority, whatever I need to do I’ll still do it, even 10 yrs from now.

Who is your role model/s?

I don’t have just one role model, there’s so many amazing people that have come into my life who each have helped me in either small or big ways. Anyone who has a positive impact on me I’ll look up to! If I had to say one though I would say Jaye Edwards of Edwards and co. That guy has built an empire in such a small amount of time and he just keeps growing! He worked his ass off from the ground up! If thats not a good business role model I don’t know who is!

The most high profile client you’ve had?

Since started freelancing I’ve done a few high profile clients, Keira Maguire from ‘The Batchelor’, Erin Molan, international model Zoe Barnard but my girl Tanya Henessey has to be the big one! Keep an eye on her she’s gonna be huge! And she deserve it!!!

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 3.26.19 PM.png

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Who do you trust to colour and snip your hair?

My colour is done by Michael Kelly and cut by Danae Selwood at Edwards and Co Alexandria. I go every 3 mths and thats as regular as I like it lol, I keep my look very natural lol low maintenance is my thing!

What do you do to stay fit and healthy? #fitspiration

Since my life has gotten so hectic I start my days later to make time for the gym. I go 6 days a week to Metamorph, where I do x3 pts with owner Mitch Pike, x2 classes, 1x boxing class a week. I have since added a muay thai class and a dancehall class with Kirstie from Subsdance. Fitness has become a massive part of my life but this helps me stay a little more sane with my on the go life! And just to make it a little easier I get Gym meals direct to keep my clean eating in check! If I don’t wanna do it I outsource haha

If you could jump on a plane and travel anywhere in the world right now,

where would it be?

Honestly I would go to Canada to see my family as thats where I’m from. I’m planning a trip to Montreal in the next few months so excited!!! Need to get my French on.

What are your go-to fashion labels?

Rebel Muse and Peachy Keen of course! My girl Alicia always has the best of the best to pick from and whenever I have an event on I ask her to put some stuff aside and she nails it every time!

If you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to get out on their

own and either start a business, or work freelance, what would it be?

Never doubt yourself, never stop working your butt off, never listen to the “what if it doesn’t work out”! Anyone successful in business didn’t take baby steps you either have to be all in it or not at all! You have to take the plunge knowing you might crash and burn or you’ll fly high!

Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years, both personally and


In 2 yrs Ill definitely be in my own space with my own salon but it will be something different to what we have in canberra so stay tuned 🤐 but also I want to start education, there’s so many hairdressers who maybe cant afford or to travel for fresh education. This is the key to staying at the top never stop learning!

At the moment I don’t think about where I’ll be personally its all about professionally. When all those boxes are ticked then ill think about that


Describe your typical life in a day:

Wake up 6:30am – I’m not the best morning person so I like to ease myself into it lol


7:30am off to the gym

9am get ready for work

10am get to work and grab my fav coffee from Highgate Lane and get ready for the day

11am client time – I do 4 to 5 clients a day so client time keeps going anywhere from 9pm to 10pm! Sometimes if I have to fit a client in I’ll start at 10am.

After doing end of day things I head home for Netflix and chill! #errryday

Not the most exciting day, but I love it!


@lexibannister_hair in a flash:

Coffee or tea?: Coffee coffee coffee

On your bedside table we’ll find: Coconut oil for my hands as this job is not friendly on them! And my beautysleep sleep mask from its the lab and my fav candle at the time

Favourite flowers: Anything colourful!

Book your currently reading: The obstacle is the way by Ryan holiday

Signature scent: Coco Chanel mademoiselle

5 can’t-live-without handbag contents: iPhone, Lip balm, Hand cream, Wallet and Perfume


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