Landed your dream job interview… Now what?

So you’ve wowed the bosses of your dream job with your skills on paper. Now it’s time to wow them again and actually score the position at your interview.

Hands up if the thought of an interview makes you feel queasy. I think even the most confident people are always a little nervous right before having to ‘sell themselves’ in less than an hour. A lot of the time we aren’t prepared for the questions such as, ‘tell us a bit about yourself’…. Ummm I like puppies. Wrong answer, babe. Although it might say a lot about your kind nature, did they really care to know that just yet. Save it for the lunch room once you signed that contract in pen.

Here’s a few tips to get your prepared for the next stage.

  1. Dress to impress

Just as you would wear a professional outfit to work, you should be even more presentable in the interview to accompany the first impression you make.

  1. Practice answers to questions

If you have a range of answers to all the possible questions ready to go, you won’t find yourself stumped or put on the spot. Practice a dummy interview with your friend, partner, family member and ask them to improvise.

  1. Have a bit of a spiel about you and why you applied for this role ready to go

You know the reasons why you have dreamed about the career since you were 7 years old, and you also know why you applied for it. If you are leaving another company – be honest but without being negative. That will raise several red flags to an employer.

  1. Have some questions for them

If you were to gain employment there is sure to be a lot that you’ll also need to know. Ask how many people are in the company. Will you be working closely with anyone else, if so, can they tell you a bit about them. Is there a preferred start and finish time. Do your research too, but ask away as this will show that you are just as serious about making this work as them.

  1. Be on time and organised

Allow yourself plenty of time to find the office, a park and walk to the building and take the lift or stairs. There is nothing worse than arriving to an interview flustered and late. Sometimes this cannot be helped but it can be avoided if you plan ahead. If you end up being really early, just keep practicing your questions and answers. Also have another copy of your application printed and in a protective slip to give to the interviewer.

  1. Research

Its all well and good saying you’ve always wanted to work at [insert dream company here] but do your research on said company so that when they ask you “why here” you don’t look like a deer in the headlights. Plus you’ll get total brownie points.


  1. Don’t chew gum, or any other food/drink

Not a good look at all. Save your chewing for outside the interview room. Bin it before you arrive!

  1. Turn your phone on silent

Nothing says rude like a phone ringing and interrupting a serious conversation. We feel it goes for both the interviewer and interviewee, but moreso you as the interviewee. Be prepared. Phone on silent as anything can wait if this is your dream job, right!

  1. Thank your interviewers by email

Following the interview wait a few hours, but in the same day, send an email to all whom attended the interview with a thank you note for taking the time to meet with you and giving you the opportunity to discuss the role and yourself in more detail.

Good luck!

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