A guide to indoor plants

Whether you’re looking to add just a touch of greenery or an abundance of plants in all different shapes and shades to your home – The last thing you want is high maintenance.

No mess, no fuss and above all, chic, are the things we’d look for in plants to add that extra fresh feel to our interior styling and décor.

Here’s a few of our favourites and a little bit of info on how to care for them and keep them looing lush.


This large leathery plant loves standing tall in moderate to bright light. A bit of pruning is required to maintain the size and shape.



Native to tropical rainforests, this flowering plant likes humidity and being watered only sparingly (2-4 times per week). The large glossy green leaves need to soak up the sun in a bright room.



This is a snake plant with stiff silvery leaves. Requires moderate to bright light, and actually thrives on neglect… so if you’re forgetful and have been known to ‘kill plants’ by accident, here’s your go-to.



Also known as the Rubber Plant, the leaves range from dark green and burgundy red to almost black and looks fantastic in the home. This plant does not require much light, however, will still flourish in bight light. Keep the soil moist at all times with water.



Requires bright light to thrive and only needs the minimum amount of water, 2-4 times per week depending on the weather in your city.



Looking after your plants just takes a few simple steps:

Dust off leaves with a damp cloth and rinse smaller plants in the shower under lukewarm water. Alternatively, take the plants outside and gently hose off the foliage, and then wait for them to dry and bring back inside.

Rotate the pots to avoid any lopsided growth.

Check for bugs – you can minimise any bugs if the plants are cleaned often, or spray a household safe insect repellent (with the windows and/or doors open for ventilation.)

Do your research and place plants in a space with the correct lighting needed for an optimal life span.

And if all else fails/dies Adairs & Freedom have a great range of Faux plants that need no love!

Images from Pinterest