Best Sushi Trains in Canberra

The Sushi Train is a big part of Japanese food culture. Originally brought to Australia around 20 years ago, the unique way of dining is largely popular for its extremely fresh and fast experience.

A rotation bar system is how a Sushi Train works with the chefs in the middle cooking and rolling sushi after sushi and sashimi after sashimi – using all different meats, sauces and vegetables. You take your seat at the bench and simply help yourself to the plates that pass you by on the conveyor belt. Each plate is a different colour that determines the cost of the piece of sushi or sashimi. Once your belly is full, a waitress will add up your bill based on the empty plates in front of you and give you your total to pay at the counter before leaving.

We love this style of dining because you can eat as much, or as little as you like. The serving sizes are small, but the chefs don’t stop adding glorious creations to the train. Some of which are truly little pieces of edible art.

Our only and the best here in Canberra are:

Sushi Bay

Shop 328 18 Benjamin Way, Belconnen

Located on the main street in Belconnen as part of the Westfield Shopping Centre, Sushi Bay is constantly producing plates of delicious and fresh bites. Perfect for a date night out as you don’t need to enter the shopping centre. Enjoy a glass of wine as you dine and soak up the atmosphere.

Hero Sushi

Shop 13a 148 Bunda Street. Canberra City

Hero Sushi is located in the Canberra Centre (on the ground floor underneath Dendy Cinema and across from Jamie’s Italian. Inside you can pop in for a spot of lunch, or a quick bite to eat while out on a Friday night, or weekend shopping trip. Also great for a date night however, as you’re just a short stroll to all of our great bars and nightclubs.

Don’t want to ride the train but craving sushi try;

Mee’s Sushi

4/1 Flinders Way, Griffith

Arguably the best sushi in Canberra their shop in Manuka is always packed but totlly worth the drive.


Iori Japanese

41 E Row, Canberra ACT 2601

Refined dishes in a casual setting lit by paper lanterns, with Western and Japanese-style seating.