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Raising Riley: Gender neutral fashion for kids

Maddison Noble is the superstar mum behind gender neutral kids clothing label, Raising Riley. Maddi is constantly on the go achieving her goals and dreams while balancing work, family, fitness, study and now her own growing small business.

“Our goal at RR is simple. To provide stylish, top quality, ethically made clothing to your rascals”.

Where did the inspiration behind Raising Riley come from?

I have always found it difficult to find clothing for my daughter (Riley) that wasn’t bedazzled and hot pink. Nothing against bedazzled and pink, it has it’s place in the market, and definitely in Riley’s wardrobe too. But there is also room for so much more. I found if I wanted to get something a little more basic, a little more toned down I would have to cross borders into the boys section (god forbid), which doesn’t bother me, however it’s something that bothers them. Riley could absolutely love something in a boys section, but not get it simply because ‘that’s for boys’. My store removes that. I don’t separate items into boys things or girls things, and I don’t differentiate them with flowers and trucks. Something as simple as that can help kids be more confident in choosing things they actually like, and aren’t just expected to like.

Your daughter Riley also helps conceptualise the designs for RR. Does she have a strong opinion on what she will and won’t wear?

She dresses herself everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times. She does a pretty good job of it too. It’s interesting to watch. Her style is very unpredictable which is why I like her to have a variety of choice. She would wear a party dress to pre-school and a pair of jeans to a party. She tends to dress for how she is feeling that day rather than for what she has going on, with the exception of exercise. She plans her active wear outfits for when we are going for walks or to bootcamp.

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Between what ages does RR stock threads for kids?

We are trying to change our future stock to be in line with the feedback we are getting. Initially we were 6 months to 6 years. We have missed out on a pre-teen market because of this with heaps of enquiries for when we will be stocking for ages 6-12 years. We are working on it!

What does a typical day look like for you?

Simply put – Chaos.

Not simply put – Early mornings are reserved for an Eighty8 Bootcamp. If I don’t train in the morning my days just aren’t as productive. Plus my partner’s my trainer so I can’t really get out of it even if I wanted to. I sit down with Ri for breaky after that and we help each other get ready for the day. Middle of the day is usual stuff, School drop off and I head into work. Afternoons are my favourite. After school pick up it’s scooter or bike rides, tea parties or cooking with Ri. I do extra office hours at home in the evenings as a trade off for being able to be there for school drop off and pickups…except on Tuesday and Thursday because I am also enrolled in night school. Raising Riley work gets squished everywhere else in between and on weekends I try to keep free for Ri and Ty. Oh and study!

What tips can you share for someone wanting to start their own small business?

Surround yourself with a good support network in your partner, friends and family and accept their help. Think of everything that can go wrong before you get started. Make sure if that happens you are prepared and can handle it. Also, make sure it is something you are excited about because it is going to consume you. Not knowing much about where to start or how to do it doesn’t matter, because you can always learn how. What is going to get you stuck, is maintaining the motivation to keep working for something every day that you may not be seeing a profit from for a while, or may not have a customer base initially. So something that gets you excited is important, something that isn’t all about the money or recognition. That comes later.

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