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The tale of: JEMMA MRDAK

Canberra’s own Jemma Mrdak is an Australian Blogger with over 15k followers on Instagram and a large loyal readership to her well-known fashion, fitness, health and lifestyle blog, A Stylish Moment.

You’ve become quite the influencer in Canberra. Tell us, how did it all begin?

Thank you! I like to think that I am having a positive impact on people’s lives, through sharing my style, health and fitness inspiration, as well as personal story along the way.

It all began back when I was studying at the University of Canberra, when I was lucky enough to travel over to Florence, Italy for a Fashion Events & PR course. Whilst over there I was truly immersed into the wonderful world of fashion and blogging, and when I came back to Australia I knew it was something that I wanted to build a career in.

From there I built my first blog, sharing my daily outfits, and started writing for various online publications, just to get my name out there.

Now, it’s turned into an almost full-time career for me!

Other than owner and #girlboss of both A Stylish Moment and Dak & Co, you’re studying fitness and work full time in communications. How do you balance it all?

Through having good time management skills! Both of my parents instilled the work hard and be organised ideology into me from a young age, so I guess now I am able to time mange myself and my various jobs pretty well.

Balance is a really tough thing to have, and it’s different for everyone. I find that when I have one part of my life in control, another part of my life, or business or job role is falling behind, as my attention is focused elsewhere. So I guess it’s important for me to be dipping myself into each of my businesses every day in whatever way possible so that I stay on top of things.

However, I definitely don’t recommend people run two businesses, and study part time at the same time – it’s definitely a challenging, but I do love it. I thrive off being busy and having a full calendar.

My boyfriend and I also have a rule that there is to be no phones at home at 8pm, which means that we get that balanced tie at home, without the technology as a distraction.

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In the last few years navigating business, have you faced any challenges?

Yes definitely! Challenges being self doubt. There are days when I sit and look at my blog and wonder if I should just delete it all – haha but then I remember that it truly is something that I want to build as a full time career, and it’s my passion!

Who is your role model/s?

Both of my parents, and my boyfriend.

My Dad for his hard working nature and how passionate he is about what he does. He has worked so very hard for everything he has and has such an incredible work ethic.

My Mum because she has so much love to give everyone, and truly is my best friend and strong support network.

My boyfriend because he shows me how to have fun, let loose and enjoy the little things in life. 

What do you do to stay fit and healthy? #fitspiration

Every morning I train at my local F45 and do a 45 minute HIIT session. I also incorporate around 4-5 walks a week into my routine, and maintain a very balanced (emphasis on the word balance – having cheat meals are key to this balance) diet.

For me, I know that if I train often and eat well, I’ll feel it on the inside – so this is what drives me to make good and healthy choices.

If you could jump on a plane and travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

To either London (my favourite place in the world), or the Maldives!

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What are your go-to fashion labels?

Sass & Bide, Zimmermann, Kenzo, and anything designer vintage!

The shoe label you could wear to death?

Senso, Adidas or Skin footwear

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If you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to start their own business/blog what would it be?

Don’t spend time worrying about a name/design for your business. Just get your ideas out there and get writing! I guarantee you later on down the track you’ll change everything anyway.

Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years, both personally and professionally?

In the next 2 or so years, I see myself as solely working for myself, running my blog and business full time – and still wearing many “hats’ and job roles.

I also hope that both my boyfriend and I have travelled and seen many parts of the world. We’d love to live overseas at some point too!

Describe your typical life in a day: 

This is a day in my life, on my working from home days outside of my 9-5 job. 

6am Wake up and head to my local F45 for a 45 minute HIIT workout

7am Head home, with a chai latte in hand, and prepare for my day. I’m usually sitting down at my desk by 8am.

10am Work work and more work. Whether it be drafting blog posts, scheduling social media calendars, preparing social media posts; you’ll generally find me madly working on my Mac in front of the heater!

12pm I generally schedule most of my meetings around lunchtime, or early afternoon.

3pm Photoshoot – I’ll catch up with my photographer and smash out a few photoshoots in various locations around Canberra before the sun starts to set

5pm Take my dog Rex to either the dog park, or for a walk about Lake Burley Griffin.

7pm Either dinner at home with my boyfriend, or out at any type of event.

9pm In bed – I’m a bit of a Nanna and like getting into my bed as early as I can!


Jem (@astylishmoment) in a flash:

Coffee or tea?: Tea – green or peppermint

On your bedside table well find: My gratitude journal which I fill in every night, heaps of books that I am yet to read, hand moisturiser and sometimes flowers.

Favourite flowers: Roses, Tulips and Hydrangeas.

Book your currently reading: Remarkability by Lorraine Murphy, Entrepreneur

Signature scent: Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb

5 can’t-live-without handbag contents: Lip balm, phone, hand sanitiser (hehe), my diary – can’t live without it!, and my wallet.

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