Fitness Motivators: Fitspo accounts to follow to help you get that summer bod

Being healthy, fit and strong with a clear and conscious mindset has become a really important aspect of our lives. These days more than ever there is an abundance of things you can do to suit your lifestyle and fitness levels. If you don’t like a type of exercise or can’t do certain things due to injury, there’s always something else.

These ladies are true inspirations when it comes to leading a healthy and fit lifestyle. Just in time for starting to think about your Summer bod, we thought we’d round up a few that we love to follow for the ultimate motivation.


Lee Sutherland is the director and editor of Fitness in the City, a holistic PT, nutrition, health coach, herbal medicine freelance writer and blogger. Follow her Instagram for food and smoothie recipes, at home or at the local park workouts, fitness style and more.


Amanda is an Australian exercise physiologist, yoga instructor and crossfit coach who posts lots of workout pictures regularly. Not only is she gorgeous, she isn’t afraid to snap a picture of herself sweaty post-workout either.


Aussie trainer and mama to the cutest little girl named Lexi, Revie Jane is the girl next-door type of lady who really lives life to its best potential. Located on the Gold Coast, Revie has grown her Instagram to over 150k followers by posting real thoughts and feels about life, love and her postpartum body. This year she launched a Youtube Channel, online training programs and does a weekly meal prep video with her equally as gorgeous husband.


Two sisters, Diana and Felicia, who specialise in training women. Based in Sydney these ladies own a gym but are most well known for their Instagram account where they share and educate women on how to workout, eat healthy, get in shape, love their bodies and maintain that mentality for life.


Originally from Canberra, Jenna now lives in Sydney and is both an Athlete and Wellness Ambassador. She created Lift into Life with Gold’s Gym and recently starred on Australian Ninja Warrior. She spends her time training, modeling and if her abs aren’t enough to motivate anyone we don’t know what is.

It’s safe to say we love being inspired by our Australian babes. Do you follow any fitspo ladies? Share their accounts with us in the comments below so we can check them out.

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