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From Little Things Big Things Grow: THE LAB

The Lab is your ultimate beauty destination right here in Canberra. Specialising in brows, makeup and skin you will find this gorgeous little unique studio just off Braddon’s bustling Lonsdale Street. It’s also home to a curated collection of cosmetics and skincare products for you to shop. Follow the client poloroids up the stairs and be welcomed by this badass business kicking serious butt.

Owned by Tegan & Sianne, we sat down to find out where it all began… 

It all began because we knew there was a gap in the market for something fun and truly unique, for those who are brow and beauty obsessed but wanted a focus on service not sales. We knew we could offer something better but didn’t know it would become so popular so fast!

Did you know each other before becoming business partners?

We go way back! Our mother’s used to nurse together when we were younger, though we never really connected until years later after coincidentally attending the same beauty school #howsmalliscanberra

You originally opened as BrowLab. Why did you decide to rebrand recently?

The rebrand was really born from the desire to offer a wholistic approach to beauty. Though we are known for our brows we wanted the brand to reflect our obsession with your whole face including lash lifting, skin, makeup and The Shop. Plus it was fun to mix things up a little.

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The Lab just turned 2! What’s the biggest achievement that comes to mind when you look back?

We started The Lab with nada, no capital, no space and no staff. We worked our butts off, worked full time in other jobs and grew our business on the side. We owe everything to our clients and their word of mouth. I think our greatest achievement is creating something really unique, something we love and having it succeed.

Who has been your most high profile client?

All clients are treated like VIP’s 🙂 We have heaps of local business owners, models and everyday inspirational humans that come through our doors.

What has been the most challenging experience you have faced in business so far?

I think growth has been our greatest struggle. Maintaining the same level of service and quality is always top of mind for us hence why we haven’t expanded as fast as we could have. Our team is everything to us, our girls are our family and they are absolutely the best in the biz. So we decided to keep it small and make sure our signature style and service provision doesn’t diminish.

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What does balance mean to you?

We definitely struggle to get balance whilst running an incredibly busy small business but it’s definitely something we are working on. Ultimately working less hours, making time for ourselves, friends and family is something we are aiming for.

Who inspires you?

Other incredible women in business who are really shaking things up like Zoe Foster Blake, Emily Weiss, Eleanor Pendleton and closer to home Alicia Xyrakis, Lexi Bannister, Larissa Hrstic, Jessica Cochrane, the moxom crew … JUST TO NAME A FEW!

What’s next for The Lab?

HEAPS! Watch this space….

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Describe your typical life in a day:

There is definitely not a typical day. I spent most my time coordinating the calendar, answering enquiries, doing admin and marketing but it’s constantly changing.

Sianne in a flash:

Coffee or tea?: Coffee

On your bedside table well find: My phone 🙂 Can’t seem to disconnect

Favourite flowers: Can I say Cacti? Haha

Book your currently reading: First; We make the beast beautiful by Sarah Wilson, next stop will be The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape recommended by my sis

Signature scent: Taylor Swift haha

5 can’t-live-without handbag contents: The beauty Chef Beauty Fix Balm, Alpha H hand and cuticle lotion, hand sanitiser, gum (plus the usual suspects, phone, keys. Purse etc)


Describe your typical life in a day:

Arrive at the studio at 8am, clients arrive from 10am to 7:30pm 🙂 So it’s always busy and never stops!

Tegan in a flash:

Coffee or tea?: Coffee

On your bedside table well find: lip balm and a glass of water

Favourite flowers: I don’t discriminate, any and all flowers are my fave

Book your currently reading: Nothing at the moment, open to suggestions J

Signature scent: Taylor swift – sianne stole that from me

5 can’t-live-without handbag contents: phone, The Beauty Chef Beauty Balm (this guy is the shiz), deodorant, gum, a photo of my first and only child, Butcher 🙂

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