9 habits of healthy women

We might be nearing the end of the year, but there’s no time like now to make positive changes (or additions) to your lifestyle to ensure you are your healthiest and happiest yet.

This does not mean you need to be ‘skinny’ (whatever that even means!!!!), addicted to fitness or eat broccoli for three meals per day.

Making small changes, or additions to your already functioning life will make it easier to form new habits and really start to enjoy exploring your own road to wellness.

Drink Water

Believe it or not, this FREE drink is one of the best things your body can have and actually fights a tired, foggy, ‘I just woke up’ brain even better than those loaded with caffeine. Sipping on water all day will keep your energy levels high and your body hydrated.

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Listen to your body

Your body has a pretty good way of telling you when something is wrong, or it’s had enough. Don’t eat the whole chocolate block, remember how it made you feel after you did that last week. Instead, have 2-3 pieces and remind yourself that tomorrow, you can indulge in that same amount. Don’t pour another glass of wine, or order another cocktail ‘just because’. If you want to wake up fresh, this one last drink could tip you over the edge. If you’re feeling too yuck to eat breakie the next morning… you might have had too much. If you’re tired or stressed, do something for you. Take a yoga class or have a bath filled with your favourite scented bath bomb. Whatever transports you to a place of pure bliss, do that, often.

Cook often and dine out less

Dining out is certainly the easier option, especially if you are only cooking for one, or even two people at home. If you are working late or have commitments straight after work and find yourself starving by the time you even have a chance to hear your tummy grumbling, it’s easy just to pop into a restaurant or hit the drive through to grab some takeaway. Now, don’t get us wrong, we LOVE experiencing new restaurants and cafes here in Canberra, and certainly get our fair share of dining out. But for the sake of your bank account and your health, limit these to only a couple times per week (and skip the fries if you can). Instead, plan your meals and have pre-prepared options in the freezer. When friends want to catch up, perhaps have them over for a hearty home cooked meal instead. Maybe this way you can allow yourself that extra glass of wine… just to balance it all out.


You aren’t forced to eat these now that you’re an adult, but there’s a pretty good reason why your parents didn’t let you leave the dining table without finishing them. Packed full of nutrients to help your body function the best it can. Explore the spice rack to jazz them up a little if you need flavor. They are really the best thing you can eat alongside your meats and poultry. Your skin and body will love you for it.

Be active, doing what you enjoy

A truly healthy relationship with exercise starts with figuring out what suits you best. Don’t be talked into signing up to Bikram Yoga if you really don’t enjoy the hot steamy room, or wearing no shoes around a bunch of other people. There is absolutely no reason why you have to love the same things as your friends or colleagues. But firstly, give it a try. Here’s a bunch of ideas to try. You really never know what could become enjoyable for you.






Bikram Yoga

Xtend Barre



HITT workouts


Set goals and smash them

No matter what the goal. Walk more, learn a new skill, be better at baking, launch a new business idea or finally sitting down to put together your wedding album. Write them all down and make it your mission to tick off one each week, or month. A clear plan with an achievable timeframe makes the world of difference. No more stressing at the looooong list of tasks and goals you haven’t done or achieved.

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Don’t be lured by diet trends or fads

Insert SkinnyMe Tea and Lemon Detox Diet here…. Hands up if you’ve tried one these ‘diets’ or ‘detoxes’ in the hope of achieving a healthy and happy lifestyle? These time and money wasters are slapped with unrealistic goals like ‘Fit in your jeans by Friday’ and ‘Lose 10 kilos by the weekend’… Nothing that promises a short-term goal is a long-term fix. You need to create a lifestyle with healthy habits that can be sustained. The benefits, while they make take longer, are far better for both your body and mind.

Get plenty of sleep

By now you would know how many hours your body needs to function at its top capacity the next day. Make sure you get those hours in. They’re really important for your health and happiness, inside and out.

Here are some tips we shared recently for a great sleep (link to article).

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SMILE and slow down

Make time for the things and people that make you happy. We love the idea of cutting the word ‘busy’ from your vocabulary. How many times a week, or day do you find yourself telling friends how busy you are? Or declining social invitations because you’re too busy? Guilty! Taking that time out to recharge and have a chance to laugh will actually help with your productivity back in the office or at home where you have lots to do. Don’t get us wrong, being busy is great… much better than being bored. But no one wants to be known as the girl who’s always too busy for some fun!


These habits were collated from various surveys done by Australian health and fitness organisations, the advice to go with them was written and researched by The Canberra Edit.

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