SS17 Must-Haves & How to Wear Them: Ruffles

The spring catwalks are filled with ruffles; from sleeves to skirt hems to maxi’s and full dresses.

It’s the free-flowing airy feeling you get on a warm spring day, the urge to wear something that feels light and gives you ultimate seasonal style.

The ruffles are certainly the focal point of your outfit. You really don’t need anything else to make a statement, however, the outfit in its entirety should look fabulous together, obviously.

So how do you wear ruffles?


Start by choosing your ruffle, if you go for a shirt make sure you pair it with a cigarette pant or pencil skirt in a plain colour. If you are opting for a dress with multiple ruffles, try a neutral coloured sandal or strappy heel.

Ruffles can be used to create the illusion of fullness, so if you have a small bust try horizontal ruffles on the blouse. The same goes for if you want to hide the fullness of your bust, try ruffles on your sleeves or skirt hem instead.

Accessorising should be kept quite minimal with this look. Avoid them near the ruffles, and try to stick to gold, monochrome or neutral colours.

Fashionably chic and a touch of girly, this trend is a big one for SS17.


Here are a few pieces we found for the wish list.






Images from Instagram and Pinterest

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