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7 Places for Coffee

Can’t function without coffee? Us too.

Most of us have our go-to haunt where the barista knows us by name and our order off by heart. But don’t you ever feel like stepping outside the bubble and trying a cup somewhere else?

We promise we won’t tell your regular, but these are just a few of our favourites you need to try…


This little vegan café and bakery in Braddon is great for picking up a sweet treat with your caffeine hit. We love that we can order a half almond milk, half coconut milk latte and not be looked that with a blank stare!

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A favourite on the deep south side of Canberra. Common Grounds is nestled in at the local Gowrie shops and is rarely empty. A pit stop for the local tradesman and fire fighter crews in surrounding suburbs, the coffee is certainly made with love.

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Located in the City bus interchange, 3 Degrees is a hole-in-wall serving up delicious freshly baked goodies along with outstanding hot coffee. Grab and go is their thing, making it a convenient pit stop for you on the way to work or during your lunch break.

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A much-loved café who’s mission was to bring the old Aranda shops to life and did so with the whole community backing them every step of the way. This place is like a home away from home, and the coffee is that good, you’ll be ordering your second before 10:00am… pun intended.

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The shopping centre at Chisholm had a million dollar makeover a few years ago but they were always missing a good café. Now, we say hello to Public Place which has been running for a while now and has certainly won the locals over with their un-complicated tasty menu, outdoor seating and coffee served with smiles!

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This hip joint is still trekking along smoothly gaining one new regular at a time with their boutique coffee. Served a little differently, you don’t choose how you have your coffee, you choose the blend from a bunch of available flavours at the time and it’s made the way it should be – A flat white (or long black if you don’t have milk).

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A gorgeous little café on Kingston’s Foreshore, Local Press does more than just good coffee. Cold pressed juices and delicious whole foods are it’s thing, but when it’s overflowing with people on the weekend due to its ever-growing popularity, you might only be able to grab a coffee to go. And that’s fine with us because it’s certainly nice to sip on a cuppa amongst the weekend bustle in the sun.

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Where is your favourite coffee spot?

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