Celebrity MUA’s to follow on Instagram

Over the last decade Make Up Artists have become hot property with many sought after for their original techniques and ability to work with trends. Hello contouring!

We have round up the bunch of celebrity MUA’s who have changed the beauty game and given behind the scenes (#BTS) a whole new meaning…


She is most well-known for having been the loyal MUA to the Kardashians throughout their height of fame and on their show, KUWTK. While she still does their makeup for big photo shoots and events, Joyce has become quite the celebrity herself so she is way to busy to be a part of the daily #GlamSquad. She recently modelled her own line of JOYCE BONELLI COSMÉTIQUES and the photos are ‘out there’ in true Joyce Bonelli style to say the least. Check out Joyce on Instagram for real mix of the day in the life of a bad-ass celeb MUA, designer and mum (mom).


Michael Anthony (nickname, Manthony) is lucky enough to paint the faces of Katy Perry, Rita Ora and a long list of models. He has risen to fame via his Instagram account where he shares his eclectic thoughts and original works of art on the faces he works with.

“Get the #EYEBROWS right and u can do just about anything” – Manthony


Mario Dedivanovic is the creator of The Masterclass where he teaches a crowd of eager beauty queens the art of blending, sculpting and highlighting using the face of his most loyal (and probably most famous) client, Kim Kardashian. Mario has often said that he is passionate about being a make up artist because he loves to see how the women smile once they look in the mirror and see their transformation. Aww.


Mary is the gorgeous MUA responsible for the flawless, yet natural faces of Chrissy Teigan, Kendal Jenner, Olivia Munn, Gwen Stefani, Salma Hayek, JLO and more. We actually wonder when this lady has time to sleep! We love that Mary promotes beauty from within, saying that nutrition is number one for skin before anything else. She also talks about the importance of sleep, drinking water, taking vitamins and always washing your face before going to bed.


An Armenian-American celebrity MUA, Hranush Alexis “Hrush” Achemyan rose to fame via her Instagram account where she now has a loyal following of 2.1 million. Sharing her own looks and gaining attention with her piecing blue eyes and brighter than bright highlighter, she was quickly sought out by celebrities and now features in many publications where she shares her tips and tricks.

Basically if you can score a Kardashian face to paint, you’ll most likely end up on one of these lists. #MUAGOALS

Do you follow any celebrity MUAs doing cool things that we should know about? Leave their Insta handle in the comments.

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