Oh Baby! Decorating the nursery

Here’s our next instalment in the Oh Baby! series – Decorating the Nursery.

Creating a gorgeous space for your baby doesn’t need to cost a lot. After all, they’ll be requiring a ‘big girl’ or ‘big boy’ room in a few shorts years, or if a sibling is set to join the family they’ll likely be taking over the cot.


A theme is first thing you need to decide on for your nursery. This will help determine a colour palette and rule out certain pieces of furniture and décor. For instance if you were creating a little girls room with a boho vibe you probably wouldn’t purchase any Paw Patrol bed linen… See the Nursery Trend article here as part of our Oh Baby! Series.


After you’ve decided on a theme. Write a list of all the things you need for the room. Here’s a quick essentials guide:

1. Cot/Crib

2. Cot mattress

3. Change table

4. Blankets

5. Bedding

6. Mobile

7. Bookshelf/shelves

8. Dresser

9. Nappy disposal unit/Nappy bin

10. Rocking chair/Feeding chair

11. Monitor

12. Nightlight/Lamp

13. Side table/Night stand

14. Curtains

15. Rug

Decide if you are going to be using a bassinet in your bedroom for the first few months. This will also determine if you require additional bedding for this smaller baby bed. Minimal is the safest way forward with sleep related anything, but you will need sheets and some blankets to tuck tightly into the sides.

A rug is a nice centrepiece to the room and provides a space for a little supervised tummy time whilst you’re putting away the washing (again… endless washing!). Shelves for ornaments and/or bookshelves are a nice addition to a nursery. These will be used in the years to come, just most likely decorated differently as your child grows.

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Not all parents have a dedicated change table in their nursery, so if you aren’t sure if you’ll use one, you can opt for a change mat on top of a dresser instead to save both money and space. Just be sure to have the mat fixed to the top using Velcro or something similar to avoid any dreaded accidents.

A mobile in black and white, or a combination of bright colours will be perfect for when baby is settling into sleep or as a distraction while being changed. Hang one each above the cot, bassinet and change table. Alternatively you can buy clip on versions that can be undone to change to other spots easily.

The rocking chair (or feeding chair) is really used for your comfort during the middle of the night feeds and cuddles. They look great in a nursery and if they come with a foot-stool, we certainly recommend it. If not, purchase for a floor poof to put your feet up.


A chest of draws will come in handy even if your nursery has a built in wardrobe. Little socks, mittens, bibs, hats, beanies and accessories need a place to be organised and put away. Use the wardrobe for the clothes which can hang, and the shelf space inside for shoes.

A few extras we love for a really nice decorative touch are wall stickers, paint, artwork, a statement light fitting, a plant or a vintage rocking horse.

Happy decorating Mum and Dad-to-be!


Look out for our next instalment in the Oh Baby! series – Nursery must-haves. We’ll cover all those things that keep parents sane.

All images from Pinterest.

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