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Spring entertaining ideas, tips and tricks

Spring and entertaining go together like BBQ’s and beers. As soon as we feel the first warm day on our skin and see the flowers start to bloom out in the garden, we’re instantly happier and back to our social selves. Or is that just us?

Sorry winter, but you do tend to make for a pretty boring couple of months unless you’re up for wearing a ski jacket and thermals to an outdoor event…

So if you’re excited that this fantastic season is finally upon us and wanting to host a little party or event, we have some truly great ideas to spark inspiration and please your guests.


Creating the perfect space for you and your guests is the main priority. Make sure you have a table for food and somewhere to eat it. If you’re having a sit down long lunch you can have heaps of fun creating a gorgeous table setting using flowers, lanterns and pretty plates & cutlery. If you want to do something really outside the box, try building a table made of pallets and using big cushions as chairs. Again using the same styling things as above and providing some blankets for if it gets chilly,will make you the party host queen!


Grazing Platters are all the rage these days, and rightly so. They’re absolutely delicious and look fantastic. When creating a platter for your guests to nibble on make sure you feature something sweet, something salty and something to cleanse the palette. Here’s a quick shopping list to get you started:

Baguette or crackers

A creamy cheese such as brie

A full flavoured cheese such as cheddar or blue

Olives or sundried tomatos

Grapes and other water based fruits such as kiwi fruit and watermelon

Nuts and seeds

Carrot sticks

Quince paste (if you desire)

A tasty dip for the carrot sticks and crackers

Alternatively you can make things such as your own hommus and a cheesy cob loaf. Then once you’ve prepared the items arrange them on the platter however you see fit. Get creative!

Platter by @nibbleandnourish_


Everybody loves a delicious and refreshing drink!


4 passionfruit

2 cups pineapple juice

4 oranges, juiced (to make 2 cups)

1/3 cup mint leaves, plus extra to serve


1.     Strain passionfruit pulp into a jug. Reserve seeds.

2.     Combine pineapple orange, passionfruit juice, ice and mint in a food processor or blended. Blend until smooth. Stir through passionfruit seeds.

3.     Pour into glasses and garnish with mint leaves.

If it’s past 12pm (no judgement here if its not) you can add vodka to the mix for a fresh tasting cocktail.



Keep it simple but awesome with a low key BBQ. Set the atmosphere with a good playlist, some outdoor games such as jenga, a few buckets or ice for beers and some tasty sides to go with the BBQ’d sausages, kebabs, burgers and potato chips.

We’ve heard you can totally make friends with salad…




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