5 foods for shiny hair

Hands up who is trying to achieve long, thick, full-bodied, luminous, shiny hair? We did some research and found that eating these 5 foods are the key to getting a shine even your hairdresser will envy.


Avocados are known for containing the good fats and that’s exactly why they belong at the top of our list. Also containing antioxidants, fiber, magnesium, folate and potassium, this fruit (yes, it’s not technically a vegetable – although it does taste better in your veggie salad rather than your fruit salad) is essential to support growth and natural oil.



These seeds can be eaten in so many different ways – in puddings, smoothies, yoghurt, juices and even as an egg substitute when baking vegan. Loaded with protein, fiber and heaps of omega-3, Chia is another super food your hair will love you for adding to your diet.



Oily fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and just like avocado, your hair LOVES it. If you suffer from a dry scalp and dull hair, you might have a deficiency in omega-3. If you don’t particularly like the taste of salmon, try flaxseeds, which are also rich in omega-3 sprinkled over your granola or in your smoothie instead.



Your hair (and skin) is comprised of protein so you must keep it up by munching on eggs to encourage hair growth and reduce any breakages and excessive malting. Eggs are filling too so opt for a boiled egg for a mid-morning or afternoon snack or cook yourself an omelette for breakfast.



A delicious fruit doing you all the beauty favours, blueberries are known to prevent premature ageing containing antioxidants, vitamin c and anti-inflammatory agents. Gorgeous hair really does start with gorgeous skin, and glowing from the inside is a true reflection of your overall health.


Things to avoid:

Over washing – try to stick to once or twice a week only to reduce stripping your hair of its natural oils. Also use salon approved shampoo and conditioner – may be more expensive but you’ll use less and save on product and $ over time.

Fad diets – these are a promotion of unhealthy and drastic weight loss that does not support the nutrients your hair needs to shine.

Smoking – a no-brainer when it comes to health, but smoking also makes your hair brittle and smell of smoke. Yuk!




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