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From Little Things Big Things Grow: Tip You’re It

Tip You’re It is a kids lifestyle store located in the trendy suburb of Braddon. The wares found inside this Lonsdale Street delight are original designs and quality products that have been hand-picked by the store owners. From fashion to furniture, and books to blankets… you’ll find everything you need to create a gorgeous wardrobe or space for your children.

We sat down with Che – one half (or one quarter if you count the kiddies) of Tip You’re It to chat all about the store, business and family life.


Where did it all begin for Tip You’re It?

The idea for Tip You’re It! came about when we were pregnant with Evie and could not find any of the nursery furniture brands that we were looking for in Canberra.

I was working at Designcraft part time and this was a constant conversation I was having with customers in the same situation – having to drive to Sydney to look at cots!? I REFUSED to travel to Sydney so we made do with hand-me-downs

Trev has worked in retail for over 20 years and was looking for a change , by the time Evie was moving into a big bed we had started the research process and found a huge gap in the market in Canberra for all the brands we loved.

Tip You’re It! was born


How long has the store been open?

We have been open now for 2 ½ years on Lonsdale Street in Braddon

What has been your biggest achievement in that time?

The birth of our second child Finn – having a small business and a toddler was hard but to add baby it was crazy for a little while (actually it still is crazy busy all the time!)

The positive feedback has also been encouraging – knowing that we are on the right track has really boosted our confidence when buying for future seasons.

Tip You're It-19.jpg

What has been the most challenging thing you have faced in business so far?

Time – we never have enough time on our hands. Time management tips welcome !!

If you could give three tips to someone wanting to start their own retail business, what would they be?

1.     Research the market – Tip You’re It! was an 18 month planning process before we even opened the shop. It was so important to us that we were bringing fresh new brands to Canberra – it was a lot of late nights online researching

2.     Know your customer base – Trev often needs to remind me that we are a kids shop!! It’s really easy to go crazy when buying stock for each new season so I think it is important to understand what your retail store will be and who will shop there.

3.     Love what you do! Customer service is so important in a bricks and mortar retail shop. People are much more likely to share their negative experience with their friends and family then a positive one.

Who has been your most high profile shopper?

Sad to say that we have not had to close the doors to the general public to accommodate a superstar but I live in hope that Chris Hemsworth is the parent chaperone to a Questacon school excursion

What does balance mean to you?

At the moment balance means half – half a clean house, half a stocked fridge, half the clothes washing done, half a styled shop and a social media post every second day.

If I can get half of everything done then I have a full day to play with the kids

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Who inspires you?

Our customers!! My kids rooms are soooooooooooo not Instagram ready so I get really motivated when I see posts go up with items from  Tip You’re It!

Describe your typical life in a day:

6- 7am – go for a quick run, then home to get the kids breakfast and ready for the day

9am – depending on the day I am either dropping the kids off to day-care late and arriving to work late OR heading into the shop and grab a coffee ( with minutes to spare)

10- 11am – eat the sneaky treat I purchased with my coffee and I am either checking emails , returning phone calls or starting to restyle the shop – this actually continues all day long ……

4:30pm – Head to the grocery store for dinner. Leave the grocery store with other items I did not expect to be buying whist forgetting dinner and collect the kids

Now that the weather is warming up we normally play outside until Trev gets home

7- 8pm – Kids are now fed, bathed and ready for bed ( well I am ready for them to be in bed!)

9pm – Finn is asleep, Evie not so much. Now its social media time – posting, engaging, brand searching. I may even get the chance to check my personal accounts – at this stage I just assume everyone follows Tip You’re It! to find me

11pm – I always try and read a chapter of my book before bed to unwind


CHE in a flash:

Coffee or tea?: Not even a question – COFFEE

On your bedside table we’ll find: Books collecting dust, lip gloss and hand cream

Favourite flowers: Anything native – Trev are you reading?

Book your currently reading: Howard Marks – Mr Nice has been started ……..

Signature scent: When I remember to use perfume I would have to say Stella McCartney – Stella

5 can’t-live-without handbag contents: Aesop sunscreen , lipstick , hair tie, snacks for the kids , baby wipes

Trading Hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00am to 5:00pm

Saturday: 9:30am to 5:00pm

Sunday: 10:00am to 4:00pm

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