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Picnic spots in CBR

Pack a blanket, a cheese platter, a bottle of cheap champagne and head out to one of these lovely picnic places…


A beautifully hidden swimming hole that has been around for many years providing Canberrans with the perfect outdoor picnic spot. You’ll find lots of shaded areas to set up, BBQs, picnic tables and you can even take your puppies along for the fun.


Set on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, Lennox Gardens offers beautiful views of Black Mountain, the Brindabella Ranges and the city centre. Set your picnic underneath a big shady tree and treat the kids to some fun at the park.



A bit of a different way to picnic… jump on the newest experience to come to Canberra and enjoy your picnic out on Lake Burley Griffin in your own private mini boat.


A swimming hole located on the Southside of Canberra in Lanyon, this little reserve is not far off the main road and features picnic tables, BBQ’s and specific parts for dogs to swim too. If you’re feeling a hike you can start here and walk up the river to Pine Island (Greenway) and then even further to Kambah Pool if you wish. Those two also features some spots perfect for a picnic.


A fantastic spot to visit during summer, Casuarina Sands is like Canberra’s mini beach with lots of sand to set yourself up on. There is also picnic tables and BBQs a bit further back from the water and lots of little walking trails to discover after lunch.


Located in Belconnen, Lake Ginninderra is a favourite among north siders for a big walk/run or picnic by the water. You’ll be able to enjoy a great view and spot some black swans and ducks hanging about.

Where is your favourite place to picnic in Canberra?

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