Christmas Styling Ideas

It’s time to get festive AF! When it comes to Christmas decorating we’re all about creating serious style and going OTT.

From amazing trees to fairy lights to en masse wreaths and dining tables with all the trimmings, there’s no reason to hold back on sprucing up your home and truly getting into the holiday spirit.

No matter what your budget is, there’s a theme to suit you out there. We love a bit (or a lot) of Pinterest browsing for inspiration in this department, and also heading to the mall to see what range the stores have available each year.

Alternatively you might have loads of décor that you bring out every Christmas. In that case, and no matter what style is your go to – whether it be a classic red, white and green vibe with a pop of silver and gold tinsel or a winter wonderland extravaganza – we’ve put together some ideas for the main items every home needs this season.


Dress up your front door with a wreath made of fresh greenery. You can pick up gorgeous hand made versions with flowers, bows and ornaments incorporated.

DIY tip: Put all those left over baubles to good use and create a mini installation of your own as your wreath. Also have a go at making your own plant based wreath using anything round or circular shaped and get creative using things from your own backyard and christmas stash.


The Tree

Usually green and tall, your tree is the centerpiece for your décor and usually resides in the lounge or family room. If you are going for a stylish and minimal approach your ornaments should be carefully placed evenly around the branches leaving lots of green to coming through. If you have lots to decorate with try and start with lights, add your ornaments one by one and spread colours around the tree evenly and then top with bows and tinsel. The top of the tree usually features something big such as a bright star or an angel but if you like the look of the top branches, sometimes it looks really stylish to leave it bare. You can buy a synthetic tree that doesn’t leave mess and can be packed away and used every year, or order a real Pine tree hand-picked and delivered to you by The Christmas Tree Truck. They smell amazing, but just require a little more vacuuming to pick up those shedding pine needles.

DIY tip: We didn’t say your tree had to be green, or living… Why not make an edible tree made into the shape of one using brownies, fairy bread, cheese, biscuits and meats, cookies, fruit or a nutella pie… These will be a HUGE hit for the whole family on Christmas day.


This is where your theme really comes into play and there’s lots of experimenting you can do with the arrangements on your tree. Other uses for ornaments are in your wreath, around door knobs, tied onto gifts for embellishment, make into earrings, hung on mantle pieces or placed in the middle of your Christmas table as a feature installation.

DIY tip: Make your own ornaments by getting your arts and crafts on. Use paint, glitter and paper to create some really beautiful additions to your chrissy collection. The kids will also find this really fun in the lead up to Santa’s arrival.


First thing is first – hang the mistle toe. Next you can buy fake greenery from spotlight and hang above the fireplace or use as a centerpiece for your Christmas table. If you really go above and beyond, it can look really great outside and around the home with your other outdoor decorations.

DIY tip: Look for some sturdy bits of greenery in your own backyard. If you live close to a reserve here in Canberra you might find some pine tree branches or cones that have fallen from the trees.

Advent Calendars

Did you start yours on Friday? Hands up if you forget to open a window each day and then get really excited when you can eat four in a row! A Christmas tradition to countdown until the big day is always a fun and nice idea to decorate a kitchen buffet.

DIY tip: Create your own using alcohol (fun for parents) or little gifts such as toy cars and bubbles for kids. You can get really creative with the set up too and use little boxes or wooden shelves.

Gift Wrap

Stock up on lots of gift-wrap and make sure you hide the wrap you are saving for Santa to use on Christmas Eve *wink wink*. Freedom has a gorgeous bunch of gold foil gift wrap this year, and Target has some really nice monochrome and stylish designs.

DIY tip: Get arty and make your own gift wrap using kids hands and feet, paint, stamps, pom poms, glitter, pine cones, fun string and bits of greenery.


This is a funny one – the shopping centres have already been playing Christmas music since they stocked the shelves with red and green in October. Some people can’t stand the jolly tunes; so maybe just throw one in here and there just enough to remind them that a good ol’ jingle bell rock never hurt nobody.


How do you get into the Christmas spirit and decorate your home? Do you update and change your décor every year or have you held on to vintage family heirlooms?

All images from Pinterest.

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