Swimsuits for every body shape

After a cool start, summer has well and truly arrived. If you haven’t got around to it yet, it’s time to whip out the swimwear for all those coastal trips during the holidays.

We know how much of a struggle it can be to find the perfect pair that fits well. How many times have you bought a bikini and not absolutely loved the way it looked on you?

Everybody has a different shape, all are gorgeous and all need to be dressed the right way to accentuate its best assets.

We’ll help you find your right swimwear and feeling sexy!


If you’ve got a full bust, round butt, larger thighs and a smaller waist, you girlfriend, have an hourglass shape. Curvy is the new black… so these are the swimsuits for you:


Short ladies who are smaller than the average 12-14 size. You’ve still got boobs and a butt, but your frame is quite lean making you, petite.

Image of crotchet bikini, cut out full piece and zip top bralette combo


If you have a medium to large bust it can be hard to keep these babes contained. We think it’s certainly more tasteful, and comfortable for you to wear swimwear with full coverage – especially when swimming.

Image of full piece, plain coloured bikini, high neck kini


You’re fit, possibly have abs and lots of definition in your arms, chest, legs and butt. We love these styles on an athletic body type:

Image of high neck kini, boy leg kini and halter full piece



Always try swimwear on before you buy it. Unless you have purchased it online, stick with a brand or store that you have shopped with before and know your size.

Size doesn’t mean you’re ‘big’ or have put on weight since last summer. All different brands and materials sizing can be slightly different. If you have to go up or even down a size to ensure the swimsuit fits you perfectly – do it.

Get stylish and add some accessories to your entire look such as a glam cover up, sunglasses, fedora and a tote filled with all your go-to beach essentials.


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