Summer entertaining tips and tricks

A successful luncheon or dinner party only requires a few things – good food, good company and good atmosphere…

To ensure you make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed we’ve listed some fantastic tips and tricks in collaboration with the #platterqueens from Nibble and Nourish to help make your summer entertaining task a breeze.

1.     Use brown paper or table cloths across your table for a styled look and to provide an easy cleanup for you afterwards.

2.     If you’re entertaining outside, make sure you have an umbrella or deck/patio area providing shade.

3.     Start with a mezze or fruit platter to keep your guests happy whilst waiting for the main meal.

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4.     Offer drinks and have them in a fridge or cart with ice nearby for re-fills.


5.     Use some indoor furniture or wares to make your outdoor space more comfortable, like cushions on chairs, a vase with flowers as a table centrepiece and a nice rug if you want to create a sitting space on the grass/patio.

6.     For large groups set up tables in a few different areas – one for drinks and one for food… this encourages mingling too.

7.     Keep flies and insects away from food by using large wire-mesh colanders placed over each dish.

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8.     Music – Need we say more!

9.     Use paper lanterns or fairy lights if you are entertaining in the evening.


10.  Surround the area with Citronella candles to keep those pesky mosquitos away.

11.  Use pinecones on top of your stack of napkins to hold them in place if the wind picks up.

12.  Always, always style your set up with flowers. They provide a beautiful look and don’t take much work at all.


13.  If you have a theme stick to it and let it flow through all aspects from the styling to the food and drinks.

14.  To keep dips, cheeses and cold cut meats cool pop them on top of a chilled serving platter or on top of a bowl of ice.

15.  Ensure there are enough cutlery, plates, napkins and tooth picks for everyone.

16.  If you want to throw some entertainment in the mix, hire or purchase some outdoor games such as Jenga, Ring Toss or Bocce.


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