Walk This Way – Step Into 2018 In Style

Shoes, shoes, shoes. Didn’t we all want to be Cinderella growing up? Or, Carrie Bradshaw the modern Cinderella? We’re not talking about being saved by a Prince, purlease, we have the saving ourselves well and truly covered. We’re talking about the stilettos, baby. Mind you, the “stiletto” style has had its moment in the sunlight but we are currently coveting all things placed firmly on the ground. The shoes of the season going into 2018 are flat, comfortable, a little unique and 100% proud of it.

Put some of these puppies on your shopping list to update your shoe game and thank us later for the fact you can still walk at the end of the day (actually thank us right now, 2018 is all about seizing the day!)

The Hybrid Sneaker

Fenty x Puma by Rhianna have delivered a cross blend of the sneaker and just about every style imaginable. Using classic trainer elements like Velcro and laces in Maryjane and strappy heel designs, this is so creative we don’t know if we want to go to the club club or the health club. Either way, these shoes make us want to run in all directions.


The Fun Boot

Make like Coach and get your party boots on. The ankle boot has been updated in patchwork and glitter. The vibe has been lifted but the wearablity remains exactly the same.


The Brogue

Michale Kors may have had his moment in the limelight a few years ago with endless “it” watches and bags but he has turned his wins into wears of the foot kind. Enter the pastel brogue. Comfortable, feminine-meets-masculine and oh-so-now.


The Lady Luck

Zimmerman have done it again, incorporating divine feminity into a design unlike any other. The sculptural element of these shoes adds some edge to the softness and the result is a match made in heaven.


The Sheer Shoe

Alexander Wang has been fairly quiet as of late – the man who bought us model off duty and has long been referred to as the “coolest thing to come along for decades”, doing undone design like no other. Oh, how we missed you Mr Wang. The man is back with sheer shoes so edgy chic yet so relaxed, we can hardly stand it.


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