Post-holiday skin resolutions

You’re back from the break, likely more tanned than when it began and wanting to get back into the swing of things after taking the Christmas and New Year festivities as an opportunity to over-indulge.

Whether you’re needing some skin products to help with the effects of sun-damage, not much sleep or wanting to just kick start your ‘new year, new me’ feels, we’ve popped together a short and simple guide to protecting and nourishing your skin all year long.


Every morning and evening you should cleanse, tone and moisturise your face. The cleanser works to remove any makeup, dirt, dust and dead skin accumulated during the day and night. Make sure you have clean hands before you start this process and use cool water to wash the cleanser off.



Toning after your cleanse is a really important part of the process to remove any remaining bits of dirt and oils left behind by the cleanser. The toner will also help to sooth, nourish and hydrate your skin while restoring the pH balance. Use cotton pads or balls for the toner wiping in upward and outward motions. You do not need to wash the toner off your face with water, but if you would like to wipe off any residue, use another cotton pad or ball with cool water gently.


Once you have cleansed and toned, it’s time to restore the natural moisture into your face keeping it soft, supple and glowy! Using only a small amount – perhaps a pea size, or a little bit more – apply the moisturiser to your face in circular motions and upward strokes.


Once a week you should use a body scrub all over your body with a focus on knees, elbows and any other ‘problem’ areas or dry spots. A coffee or citrus scrub are always fun as they leave a glorious scent behind and make the process feel like a pamper session.



Once a month you should visit your local skin spa or specialist and indulge in a detoxifying facial that includes a light scrub and deep clean. If you aren’t sure which type is right for you, your therapist should be able to work with you to determine if you have any skin problems and set a little plan.

In addition to the above make sure you get your daily sweat on and drink loads of water. We are SO lucky to live in such a beautiful city with access to tap water that’s good for us, so take advantage of it.


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