It’s A Sign – What The Zodiac Says About Your Style

Did you know your star sign influences your style? Whether you are a passionate Scorpio or a free spirited Pisces, find out your signature style below. Whatever your sign, find out your signature style and your mantra for the year ahead…



Your good nature and progressive attitude translates into a bright, quirky and creative fashion sense. Often opting for vibrant colours and patterns, you embrace bold prints and don’t take fashion too seriously. You dress for you, always.

Style Mantra for 2018: “I will continue to shop green and search for sustainable brands which reflect my values and support causes I believe in”. Sustainable fashion is becoming more and more accessible and there are so many choices out there now. Explore your options and spread the word.


Your compassionate, free spirited nature is expressed through understated, whimsical pieces which have notes of feminine, sexy and soft blended with practicality because girl, you like to have fun.

Style Mantra for 2018: “I will embrace both sides of my style, whether that be bare foot hippie child or unashamedly glamourous” Often caught between your feminine and masculine sides, the constant battle is exhausting. Be comfortable being the adaptable fish you are, changing daily is part of who you are.


Fierce, opinionated and endlessly optimistic, you are courageous, confident and strong. This is displayed in your style which is cool to a fault, streetwise and oh-so-now. Your preferred look is model-off-duty, with a wardrobe jam packed with luxurious athleisure pieces and the best kicks money can buy. Low key, understated, but trend setting every step of the way.

Style Mantra for 2018: “While quality trumps quantity, the most expensive item is not always the best” Save your wallet the battering this year and tone down the “quest for the best”.


Not afraid to stand out from the crowd, you are fashion forward and proud of it. While you opt for comfort and tend towards the practical, fashion comes first for you and this shows in your impeccable wardrobe.

Style Mantra for 2018: “I will err on the cautious side when it comes to trends”. Fast fashion comes at a price and while you like to stay on top of all that is new, make this the year of slowing down and building on the classics.


You have very eclectic tastes and enjoy mixing and matching different styles together. You are curious and adaptable; sailing the seas of change is second nature for you and as trends come and go you readily jump on and off board seamlessly.

Style Mantra for 2018: “I will work on defining a sense of style and identity which is not susceptible to trend changes” Hone in on your individual style and build an unwavering sense of self and confidence in who you are.


Loyalty is your strongest trait and this applies to every facet of your life – yep, even your labels. Your overwhelming need for creature comforts extends to your wares, with simple clothing and repetition winning out every time.

Style mantra for 2018: “I will try something completely different from anything in my wardrobe”. Comfort feels safe but nothing exciting happens in a comfort zone – take some risks and watch yourself come alive.


Famous for your love of the lime light and sturdy sense of self, Leo’s are not short on confidence! Fiery and exuberant, a Leo will find the most “out there” piece and wear it with pride.

Style Mantra for 2018: “I will continue rocking bold statement pieces and pushing the envelope”. You never know who you are inspiring with your bold choices. As the famous saying goes “never shrink yourself for someone else’s comfort”


Loyal, gentle and soft – all key qualities of a Virgo which sartorially equate to tailoring, put-together pieces, florals and pastels. You are kind, hardworking, analytical and practical which is offset by a dreamy wardrobe and love for all things soft.

Style Mantra for 2018: “I won’t be afraid to toughen up my wardrobe with strong basics and a modern colour palette”. Enjoy the soft hues coming through, with pink and purple having a big moment this year but don’t be afraid to toughen up your wardrobe – soft contrasted with edgy strikes the perfect balance.


The wild child of the Zodiac, Libra’s love living on the edge and tend towards the darker side of fashion – black, white, greys feature heavily. Stark minimalism is key, classic with a twist best describes your style.

Style Mantra for 2018: “It is ok to lighten up sometimes” – adding some soft fabrics will ensure your style remains “you” but playing with texture and drape will soften those edges.


Your sense of humour shines through you like sunlight – you are generous, love the outdoors and live life to the full. You avoid fussy clothing, preferring practical, buttoned up, simple pieces.

Style Mantra for 2018: “I will harness my sense of fun and let it roll into my wardrobe” Your goofball nature is what your friends love most so play that out into some quirky pieces, slogan tee’s, fun sets and pre-loved statement pieces.


Polished to perfection, you are sensual, passionate and driven. Your style is streamlined, professional and edgy, with leather and a statement heel your go-to’s. You like a tighter fit, showing off your shape and sticking to a “uniform” way of dressing.

Style Mantra for 2018: “I will get creative with my softer side by blending in some relaxed pieces”. A classic white shirt, relaxed slides, culottes or wide leg pants are a good place to start.


Always seeking security and stability, you are a master of polished perfection, taking great pride in status items and being put together. You are charming, resourceful and meticulous in your ways which leads you towards reputable labels, designer wares and status items.

Style Mantra for 2018: “I won’t be afraid of the mysterious or the left of centre” Staples are great and designer items are worth the investment but there is often just as much value to be found in a market or off the beaten track.

Written by our resident Style Influencer, Kimberley Sara from The Style Side.


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