D.I.Y Hacks for the Home

Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest lusting over beautifully styled homes, wishing that you had the money to spend on decorative items like the ones seen in these picturesque images?

Well lust no more! We have put together some super easy D.I.Y hacks that can transform your home on the cheap.


Everyone loves to display fresh flowers in their home, but if you want a cheap and creative way that you can do this while also constructing a decorative piece for your home, we have this super easy DI.Y hack for you.

This up-cycled piece is a new take on the classic flowerpot and is a super trendy alternative. All you need is some fresh florals from your garden and an antique teapot. If you don’t have any old teapots sitting at home, you can pick one up at your local second hand shop for a few dollars. Want a more Provincial feel try an old milk jug like the one below.




Want a quick and cost effective way that you can re-decorate you babies nursery/kids room but aren’t sure if you’ll want that style long term . Simply purchase some Washi tape (come in multiple colours and wont ruin your walls). Whether it be stripes, triangles or crosses, For best results make sure to evenly space the shapes and do them in a consistent size.

1 copy.png

2 copy.png


Nothing quite sets the scene like burning candles in the home. Not only does it create a cosy and warm atmosphere, but it also brightens up any space, especially the outdoor dinner table.

A great way to have candles in your space is to do so in a Mason jar. Not only does it guard the flame from the wind, little hands and furry noses, but the Mason jar also creates a rustic vibe to classic candle, and is super cheap to buy, all you need is a jar and a candle of your choice, it’s that easy!

1 copy 2.png

Stocksy Image need to purchse .jpg


The fourth and final D.I.Y hack to decorate your home is framed prints. Simply download prints such as the image below and print them from your computer. Then place them in a frame you have around your house and your done. If you don’t have any frames around you can find these cheap from most homewares and dollar stores, and if you don’t love the frame colour you can easily paint it.

1 copy 3.png

2 copy 3.png

We hope that these D.I.Y tips and tricks inspire you to get creative and decorate your home.

Written by Danielle Hatch.

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