Why you need statement earrings in your life with Janette Wojtaszak

From stylish embellished earrings, classic studs, hoops and ear jackets, statement earrings are seriously trending at the moment.

Earrings are great for adding that extra special detail, and can really make a simple outfit pop with style.

Janette Wojtaszak is a local Canberran stylist and fashion influencer who took her love of earrings to the next level and released her own designed collection, The Statement. We sat down with Janette recently to find out why she thinks everyone needs a pair of these babes in their life.

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Tell us about The Statement Life and how the jewellery line came about?

The Statement life is a style and lifestyle blog. I post about my experiences in my life – from style, beauty, events and travel. I want my readers to get to know me on a deeper level. I love to explore and discover and I want to share that with my readers.

The Statement (my earrings) is an extension of my statement style. I LOVE making a statement and I’m sure others do too, so I wanted people to access that. I knew in my heart it would be hard but I was committed to see it through.

Do you hand make your earrings?

I wish, I design them here in Canberra and get them made o/s.

Where do you draw inspiration from for the designs?

When I was in Florence I studied trend forecasting so when I see designers from fashion week use certain prints and trims – that inspires me. I love trends but I selective of what I use in our designs and I know what my customers like.

Right now I am in love with everything dark green and jungle-like. I like to be ahead of the game.

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Will we see an expansion to The Statement range in the form of other accessories, wares or clothing?

It is possible, never say never right?! I love designing and making clothes, but I can’t sit behind a machine and sew 30 pieces of one style. I did that once and it’s not for me. I really enjoy creating one off pieces, for me and for my baby, Luna.

In the future I would really like to see my earrings stocked in 5 more stores (currently stocked in 3 stores). I’m working on that at the moment.

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Are you all for the big gold hoops comeback?

Hmmm, I would say for me in 2018 I would say no but who’s to say that I wont change my mind in 2020!!

What are you top 3 tips for styling statement earrings?

  1. For the gals, gifted with long hair – Let the earrings do the talking, pull your hair back and let them shimmer and shine.
  2. For the conservative – If you are wearing a LBD, the easiest way to make that dress POP is by wearing statement earrings.
  3. For the bold – All eyes on you. Be bold and match your earrings to your lipstick – its fun!!

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How do you store your earrings when they aren’t being worn?

I have an earring stand that I hangs all of them on. I think I might need another one!

You can purchase The Statement Life earrings online here and in store at mussen, QT boutique and Paris Texas in Surry Hills, Sydney.

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