The lowdown on Bootycamp + WIN an Under Armour voucher!

According to Vogue, we’re “officially in the era of the big booty.” That headline and article, written last month, has drawn significant backlash and sparked Internet-wide debate.

Over here at The Canberra Edit we’re all about the era of the FIT BOOTY so we said hello to Stephanie Savvoudiou at G-Train Health & Fitness to give us the lowdown on her kickass Bootycamp classes!



Tell us, what exactly is Bootycamp?

Bootycamp is a Canberra based all female outdoor fitness class! Each session of Bootycamp is different, presenting new challenges, exercises and ways to get sweaty! We want everyone participating in Bootycamp to experience a workout which is not only challenging, but also fun! And we aim to provide an environment that is continuously fun, friendly and supportive!


Are the sessions only based on exercises for the butt?

We definitely do work that booty hard at Bootycamp, though our sessions always involve exercises for all areas of the body. We appreciate the importance to train our WHOLE body and not a specific area, as through training all muscle groups we are best able to create a body which is healthy and functions optimally, reducing the risk of over training a specific muscle group and thus injury. We like to challenge our Bootycampers and change every session each week. Basically you will never do the same class! We mix our sessions between weights, body weight work, resistance exercises, cardio, HIIT, games, boxing…the list really does go on!

What levels of fitness are required for this kind of training?

 Any and all levels of fitness are welcome at Bootycamp! We cater to everyone’s needs, abilities and comfort levels, and take the time to support all of our Bootycampers’ through each session! Before anyone new joins the Bootycamp team, we ensure to have a conversation about any injuries or concerns they may have, so that we can best help them achieve their goals and find alternatives to any restrictions. We strive to ensure women from any age bracket or fitness level feel that they are getting the most out of their time with us and that we as trainers are continuously approachable and responsive! Notably, women who are pre/post natal are warmly encouraged to attend our classes, as we have experience in training these women for their specific requirements.


What is your advice for anyone wanting to give it a try?

Come and give it a go! We promise we don’t bite! We are confident that not only us as trainers, but all of our fellow Bootycampers are friendly, supportive and ALWAYS look forward to new chicks to train with! If training outside or in a group environment is not something you have done before, we definitely recommend giving it a try! You are not only surrounded by beautiful views and fresh air, but surrounded by awesome people to encourage and support you each session!

And remember, you don’t need to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

Is there a particular workout wardrobe you would recommend for bootycamp?

Any clothing that you feel comfortable exercising and moving around in! And of course a good pair of shoes!

In addition to exercise, what are you 3 tips for staying healthy?

Obviously, exercise is important, but being healthy is not driven by one single thing, but rather is a mix of habits. Our three tips for staying healthy are:

  1. STAY HYDRATED – ensuring you drink at least 2L of water a day is crucial to keeping everything from your skin to your organs healthy and happy! Without hydration, many of our body systems can fatigue and we can become unwell! Hydration becomes even more important when we are exercising and we need to consume more water than usual as we lose a lot of fluids through sweat!
  2. EAT WELL – we are sure you all know that exercising is complimented with a well-balanced diet which includes lots of fruit, vegetables, grains and sources of protein, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins and minerals! Once again diet is even more important whilst exercising as our body requires the right fuel to recover our muscles and replenish our energy stores, so that we can keep exercising and avoid fatigue or illness! At Bootycamp one of our trainers is an accredited Nutritionist who continuously provides all Bootycampers’ with tips and advice! This also allows us the ability to offer nutrition services such as meal plans, to compliment our exercise regime!
  3. ME TIME – this is a part of healthy living that is commonly forgotten about, though in fact is a MAJOR part of being healthy. We need to take time to do the things we love, be it by ourselves or with family and friends, we need to make time to laugh, eat that second piece of cake without feeling guilty, go get our nails done, see a movie in the middle of the week or simply just do nothing. Without this time we become mentally (and subsequently physically) drained, we can lose motivation, we can become unhappy and we can lose important social connections. So clearly this is a MAJOR part of staying healthy!



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