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Style Profile: Nathan Harradine-Hale

Nathan has style covered in every stake – interiors, fashion, art; his view of the world is a beautiful and interesting one, proven by a quick scroll through his ‘gram. He has way with balance, striking the perfect chord with his use of colour, texture and empty space. The soul shines through his carefully curated content, tied together with natural beauty, unique perspective and absolute cohesion. Take a wander down the path that is ‘Collections From Him’ and you will find yourself in another universe altogether…

First up, what does “style” mean to you?

Style for me means being yourself. Personally, I am all about the minimalistic feel to everything I do. I love my casual clothes to include a basic crew neck tee, accompanied by black skinny jeans and either my Birkenstock sandals, oldskool vans or my Windsor Smith boots. I am currently supporting and obsessed with Australian owned and made labels like Assembly Label with several of their basic tees on high rotation. I also recently re-vamped my room which I haven’t touched for 7 years. I have created a pallet bed frame, tinted with brown oil, and a massive stick hanging from my roof. This sounds kind of foolish and weird, but I promise it looks pretty cool!

I take my style not only as ‘minimalistic’, but also bright and quirky – Everything I hope my personality brings out as well.

Summarise your style in 5 words…

  • Minimalistic-GayBoy Meets Street-Chic.

….. Interesting, but true!


Top 3 Items In your wardrobe?

  • My Birkenstocks (Both tanned-oil brown and classic black)
  • My dad’s old brown work belt that he has had for years, handed down to me (I stole it!)
  • My new Will and Bear black hat, which I am OBSESSED WITH!

What are you currently lusting after?

  • HATS! I have been in a weird hat obsessed since mid-last year. I never thought I could rock a fedora hat, but ever since wearing one I haven’t been able to take them off. I recently got a gorgeous black ‘Will and Bear’ hat that has already been used many times in the last week since it arrived. I think hats are also great for those days where you just aren’t having the best hair day! PERFECT!

Who/what inspires your style?

  • I find I get a lot of my inspiration from friends and followers on Instagram and Pintrest. I love seeing what other people are wearing and styling, and seeing how I could put my own little twist on it. I try not to copy too many people, more source inspiration to work in my own style 😉
  • I also find sitting in my room with my incense burning and lavender diffuser pumping, I find inspiration in the little things when I am at my most relaxed.

Where can we find you in your spare time?

  • You can often find me in my spare time either sitting in a café scrolling through my phone and looking out the window like I’m in Hilary Duff’s come clean video. I love exploring new cafes, trying new filtered coffee and catching up with friends and family. If and when I’m lucky, I love to escape up to Sydney to do much the same – And also catch some live music while I am there. I also love running away to the beach for a night during the craziness of the working week.

Favourite Magazine?

  • Oh, this one’s a hard one. I only usually have a few magazines on rotation and find most of my inspiration when scrolling through my Instagram feed or magazines on line. I always love picking up an edition of ‘Kinfolk’ for minimalistic living inspiration. I am also loving ‘Fete/Life’ magazine for a bit of home-inspiration too.

Suited up or denim & a tee?

  • Denim and a tee, HANDS DOWN! Suites are overrated 😉 You can always make a denim and tee look corporate by tucking in the tee, and wearing some nice boots.


Most stylish space in Canberra?

  • Ahh, theres so many? I am currently still obsessed with the space at @here.wellbeing. The ‘Here.’ space is a gorgeous minimalistic yoga and wellbeing studio in Downer and I’ve been so lucky to shoot there a couple times. An old favourite is still @thesocialclub_, with its blank canvas space paving the way for endless opportunities to shape up the space. I am also still lusting over the green plants when you walk into @bittengoodfoods – All of these places can be found on my Instagram and blog @collectionsfromhim.

Ultimate Style Icon?

  • Still hands down, GAGA! Through her extensive 10 year career, Gaga has sported so many outrageous and beautifully captivating costumes to express her creativity as an artist, activist and musician. She collaborates on all her costume ideas with ‘The Haus of Gaga’, a close friendship group of Gaga’s close and creative friends.

I always remember going backstage with Gaga in Brisbane at the ArtRAVE ARTPOP BALL World Tour. We walked into the M&G room and she changed outfits from what she was wearing from her final song of the show (of course), and during out M&G changed twice – Then afterwards when we went back to her hotel to catch her arriving she changed once again. I was a little fan-girl following her around Australia, but appreciated the effort she puts in to creating magic for her fans and fellow fashion lovers to lust over.

And, to clarify, a lot of people have a misconception on the meat-dress and why she wore it. The meat-dress was one of Gaga’s many outfit changes during the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards show – And this one in particular, showcasing us as humans are just the same meat and bones as all 7 billion of us. This was during a time where the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy was running through congress in America, and a lot of LGTBQ citizens couldn’t join the army. The meat-dress was a unique and powerful statement for equal rights and got the whole world talking!


Favourite style quote?

“You have to be unique and different and shine in your own way”Lady Gaga

Where can we style stalk you?

You can find me on my recently re-vamped and re-launched instagram page, and blog at;


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