How to style your outdoor space

Autumn is starting to take full effect, but our outdoor entertaining days aren’t over just yet…

Last month we shared some of our favourite outdoor furniture sets from local retailers around Canberra.

Whether you are starting from scratch or just looking for some ideas to spruce up your patio, deck or alfresco area, we’ve certainly got your back.

Let’s create the space of your entertaining dreams with these six key items:


Create spaces with seating, whether it’s a cosy reading corner, funky hammock for a champs and sun session or a dining table to host a soiree under the stars. Use those lessons learnt from your interiors by adding texture and warmth with cushions and blankets.


Just like the seating, tables can be in all different shapes and sizes, coffee tables, side tables and dining tables in a mix of materials. These also offer the perfect spot to add your own vibes to the space, a succulent pot or an outdoor tray with plastic pitcher and cups for a sneaky gin. Also perfect to hold the citronella candles to get rid of the unwanted guests.


Outside lighting can really enhance any space, none more so then the outdoors.Add lamps and candles in decorative shades for that added touch of style. Plus who hasn’t dreamt of a dinner by fairy lights, adding that perfect touch of romance even if the light is a little less practical.


Separate from your garden, adding a plant jungle to your entertaining area is perfect for filling small spaces and blank walls. Look out for our vertical herb garden and guide to succulents over the coming weeks. Plus how much more delicious is dinner when it is produced with fresh produce from your own garden – total culinary points!


Our favourite part of the process! When picking out your furniture you most likely had an idea of the overall look you wanted to achieve with the outdoor space. Boho, glam, floral or vintage are a few that spring to mind. In an effort not to overwhelm yourself while shopping, we recommend putting together a mood board of cushions, throws, storage containers and even outdoor dining ware and cutlery.

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