CrossFit vs. F45 – What’s the difference?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like every second day a new friend of mine is trying their hand at either F45 or CrossFit.

Its like these new ways of training have popped up overnight and turned my friends into exercise-obsessed athletes! This has sparked the questions, what’s so special about these different exercise programs and what exactly it is they have to offer.

We’ve put on our runners and geared up to answer those budding questions to help you decided which training method is best for you and uncover what exactly is the real difference between CrossFit and F45!


So you might be asking, what is CrossFit? Well CrossFit is fitness regime that is essentially made up of a variety of functional movements that are preformed at a high intensity. The variety of movements that makeup CrossFit workouts range from aspects of running, gymnastics, weightlifting and more.

If you are highly competitive with the need to win, you’ll fit right in!

While it sounds hard the main idea is that the movements can be undertaken by anyone, at any different fitness level. With each training session the idea is to push the participant to up their weights and increase the amount of reps they can complete in the set time frame.

All results are vigorously recorded and measured to try beat your PB or potentially a mate with the scores helping to motivate participants and set goals.

You’ll find most Crossfit gym’s offer a group exercise atmosphere with members supporting each other and celebrating their wins together.

Recommended for the person looking for a challenge, love strength training and wants to see results.

Only con is you need to be careful not to compromise technique when lifting heavier weights as this can result in long term injury.


The name F45 comes from the team-based training being ‘functional’ with each session running for ‘45’ minutes. The three key elements of F54 are innovation, motivation and results.

Based on the motto “Team Training, Life Changing” members are broken up into groups across different circuits that have been set up around the gym. These circuits are swapped once the set time has run out, with the workouts centred around cardio or resistance training.

Positives of joining F45 is that no day is ever the same with 8 week rotational classes altered each week to ensure there is no muscle memory for best results. The playlists are generally on point so if you have enough breath you’ll be belting out the lyrics to a classic RnB track on the “Inspirational” playlist. As per most HIIT training the workouts are effective and you’ll be seeing results quickly.

F45 can be quite high intensity so it’s not for the faint hearted but we have no doubt if you’re willing to give it a go, you’ll love it.

So when you’re asking yourself the question F45 or Crossfit it really comes down to preference. Cross Fit is very strength based, where F45 is a little more well rounded. they both focus on high intensity workout and focus on functional fitness.  Best part of both is that they offer you a team support system – not only will you get fit but you’re likely to make friends.

So all this talk about F45 and CrossFit have you ready to put on your tights and get moving we encourage you to get sweating.

Written by Danielle Hatch.


  1. Interesting opinion of the two. However it seems you are more bias to that of f45. I feel the definition of Crossfit is accurate but only touched on one aspect of it. Were-in the F45 seemed to have the more “well rounded” fitness and overall appealing atmosphere mentioning structure of program and team support. Which was not at all emphasized about Crossfit in your article. Experiencing the 2 first hand , I feel Crossfit could be more well represented.

    1. Maybe at the time the cross fit venue we had tried didn’t have that team support feel. I can confirm but now i have recently changed gyms for something with more of a cross fit feel and the environment and overall atmosphere is unbeaten. Thanks for the comment

  2. I’m not sure one program is more well rounded than the other. All points made appear to be characteristics of both F45 and CF. CF and F45 both incorporate strength, conditioning, gymnastics and mobility and place an emphasis on nutrition.

    F45 looks and feels like another franchise globo gym. CF gyms are individually owned small businesses with unique identities and strong local communities.

    CF is a grassroots fitness movement and ALL of its member athletes across the world, regardless of level of experience, skill and strength, are encouraged to participate in CF’s annual Open competition. Many, if not most, do participate.

    I recommend readers check out one F45 gym a maybe 3 or 4 CF gyms. Should help readers understand the real difference.

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