Healthy Work Lunches

We’ve all been there before, its Sunday night, you’re preparing lunch for the week, and you’ve been faced with a major creativity roadblock. Struggling to strike the balance between healthy, delicious and easy, you go to your default option of a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, or even worse, you end up having to visit your nearby cafes, ready to purchase and overpriced wrap to-go.

If this scenario sounds all too relatable to you, have no fear! We’ve put together some quick and easy healthy lunch ideas to help you power through the day.

Rice Paper Rolls:

The beauty of rice paper rolls is they can be completely tailored to any dietary requirement or preference. The rice paper itself is naturally gluten free and the insides can be changed to suit practically anyone.

Whether you want to add meat like chicken or beef or have vegetarian rolls, as long as they are packed with delicious vegetables like carrot, Lebanese cucumber, fresh coriander and mint, you’re in for a treat!

All you need to do is add the vegetables and herbs into a large mixing bowl, add your preferred sauces like soy, fish sauce and chilli to taste, add the rice vermicelli or rice noodles and mix them together!

Soak the rice paper into a bowl of boiling water and one it softens, lay it on a clean flat surface, and place your desired amount of fillings in the middle.

Then just roll it up like a spring roll. If you’ve never done this before, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials available to help you with this part!


Healthy Meatballs + Salad:

One of our  favourite dishes for the cooler months is a healthy meatball paired with salad. The main tip to create these simple meatballs is to go for a mince that is lower in fat like turkey or chicken.

Once you have your protein, combine it with onion and add your choice of grated vegetable such as carrot or zucchini. Put this all together with egg and breadcrumbs and pop in the oven to cook.

You can pair these tasty meatballs with your choice of salad or vegetables and you’re in for a treat.


Mexican Inspired Burrito Bowls:

A delicious dish that is also perfect to be altered to suit any and every dietary requirement is a burrito bowl.

You can essentially add what you wish, but my favourite staples to create a tasty burrito bowl are cooked chicken breast, corn, diced tomato, red onion, cooked rice, black beans and a squeeze of lime juice.

This option is great as its super easy to assemble, and slightly more exciting then your typical salad or wrap.


Bliss Balls:

In addition to your hearty lunch we suggest making some bliss balls to snack in throughout the day! Don’t let the taste of this dish fool you, when made right they can be packed full of goodness, while acting as the chocolate fix you may have been craving.

There’s a ton or free recipes for these online, and if you really don’t have time to make them, they can be purchased from your local grocery store in most health food sections.

Try this Raw Fudge Balls recipe from influential nutritionist Lola Berry, and this Date Free Peanut Butter Bliss Balls recipe from Jessica Sepel’s blog, JS HEALTH.


We hope these dishes have given you inspiration to mix up your lunch and enjoy some healthy and delicious meals!

Written by Danielle Hatch.

Images sourced from Pinterest.

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