Home: How to create a Gallery Wall

Do you have an abundance of beautiful family photos just waiting to be displayed in your home, as well as a perfect blank wall? If so, say hello to the gallery wall .

The first step to create a space fit for NGA is to purchase your frames. A tip for this is to source frames that are different sizes, as this tends to look the best when creating this feature in your home. If you are feeling super creative you can also mix and match textures and colours as well to give it a more eclectic “I just threw this together” look.

You can source these frames from various home wares stores, and depending on your budget you can also pick these up cheap from your local dollar store, even better the salvos always have gorgeous old frames/pictures at a steal.

Once you’ve purchased your frames, and brainstormed the vision for their layout, its time to mock up the design.


A great way to do this is to grab a roll of cheap paper and start tracing. Once you’ve traced the outside of each individual frame, cut them out.

Now you have the perfect ‘test frames’ that you can use to experiment with layout and design.

This is the fun bit. You can play around with creating images in a timeline, based on colours, a random mix of shaped frames, using other frames to “frame” an important memory. Really the world is your oyster.


You can use blue tack to stick your ‘test frames’ to the wall, with this being an exact guide for where your images will hang.

Once you’ve decided exactly where each of the desired pieces are going, its time to hang! Another plus of mocking up a design is that you know precisely where each of the nails should go. Or if nails sounds a little too permanent for you 3M hooks and tape are perfect if you aren’t sure you’re ready to fully commit to gallery style living.


Images from Pinterest.

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