Fur Baby: The Best Activities and Gifts for Your Pooch

Nothing quite brightens your day like coming home and seeing the face of your beautiful fur baby.

As the saying goes “we don’t deserve dogs” and we couldn’t agree more. Their unconditional love and companionship is what makes them, in our eyes, the most important member of the family!

We’ve put together a list of our favourite activities and gifts to spoil your fur baby, because they deserve it!


As much as we love exploring new terrain and getting away, so do our furry friends. Find a nearby dog-friendly beach and explore together. Nothing quite melts the heart then seeing an excited dog experience the ocean for the first time.



Your little companion deserves to be treated like a queen (or king) and that’s where treats come in. Whether it is a reward for training or ‘just because’ treats. It’s important to choose treat that are nutritious and not overly packed with carbohydrates, because a healthy dog is a happy dog.


Pooches at the park:

It can get lonely for social dogs to only spend time with their two-legged companion. So why not set aside a day each week and treat your dog to some time at your nearby dog park! This will give your sweet pooch a chance to socialise with other dogs with the space and freedom to run till its hearts content!

Cozy coats:

As the temperature drops its important to be sure our shorthaired companions are prepared for the cooler days and nights! There are endless amounts of adorable and functional coats and jumpers perfectly designed to keep your not-so-furry friend warm this winter!


Perfumed puppy

Not every dog enjoys bath time, but your fluffy friend will be thanking you when they have a beautifully shining coat, that’s matte free and maintained. My favorite dog shampoo is the ‘Yours Drooly Shear Magic ‘Oodle Breeds Shampoo’ will have your pooch look beautiful, but also smell delicious!


Snow dogs
As the weather starts to cool, a fun adventure for you and your fluffy friend is to take a trip to the snow. Keep an eye out for national parks that are dog friendly, or even special days dedicate to bringing along your furry friend.



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