Home remedies for dry, chapped lips. Cringe!

There is nothing worse then waking up with dry, chapped lips. With the cooler weather coming, it’s important to be prepared.

We’ve put together some home remedies to keep your lips smooth and kissable!

Sugar Scrub

There’s no better feeling for dry lips then after a good exfoliate. You can buy these scrubs on the market, but a cheap and effective alternative is to make your own at home!

All you need to make a sugar scrub at home is some brown sugar, a dash of olive oil and a small amount of honey. Yum…

Mix these ingredients together to create your perfect scrub and get exfoliating!

Try not to lick the tastiness off your lips 😉


If dry air is taking a major toll on your lips and easy trick is to put on your humidifier. Humidifiers are great for adding moisture to the air, with this being perfect for adding moisture back into your lips.


Not only is cucumber great for cooling the skin, its also perfect for calming your dry lips. All you need to do is simply slice a cucumber and proceed to rub the slices on your lips.

The just allow the cucumber juice to sit and absorb into your lips for e few minutes before washing it off with water.

Green Tea Bags

An easy home remedy for nourishing lips is a green tea teabag.

Press one of your used tea bags on your lips and allow the contents to soak in and work to do nothing but benefit them.

Shea Butter

The fatty acids contained in the shea butter are perfect for conditioning and nourishing the lips. All you need is to buy a tub or bottle of shea butter from the grocery store and apply a pea-sized amount to your lips.

You can leave this natural moisturiser on your lips for as long as you wish, re applying daily.

We hope that these home remedies, tips and tricks will help to keep your lips moisturised and kissable all winter long!

Written by Danielle Hatch

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