Health: Why you should get a flu shot

There’s nothing worse than getting the flu – you have to take time off from work or running your business, your nose runs like a tap and ruins your lipstick, scrolling Instagram isn’t even possible with a migraine that fogs your vision, you miss very important social events and chit chat over Friday night cocktails with the girls… and not to mention if your germs jump to your boyfriend and he gets the dreaded #manflu… then it’s all over *rolls eyes*

There’s plenty of good reasons to book yourself in for a flu shot this season, and apart from everything highly important above, taking care of your health should never be put to the bottom of the priority list.

Last year Australia saw one of its worst flu seasons yet with a horrifying number of fatalities. The 2018 vaccine has been updated to provide best protection, especially for the elderly or chronically ill if they fall ill with the flu

Also, don’t forget that getting your flu shot also helps protect those around you who are unable to be vaccinated or who didn’t get vaccinated. This is the so-called “herd immunity” effect – the more people that are vaccinated, the more the overall risk is reduced.

There are also things you can do to prevent contracting or spreading the flu like washing your hands thoroughly, using a tissue, coughing into your elbow or staying home if you’re feeling under the weather.


So what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeve and pop into your local Capital Chemist today*. It takes less than 20 minutes and you can stock up some handbag necessities such as antibacterial hand gel and your daily vitamins.

I recently visited Capital Chemist Chisholm and was greeted by the lovely pharmacist Rebecca. She ensured that my experience was quick and convenient and didn’t skip out on making sure I understood all the important facts about the vaccine.

*Participating pharmacies only. Call ahead to check that your local is able to administer your flu vaccine.


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