The tale of: Lauren Vickers and Paco Loves Luna

Paco Loves Luna is the new eco-friendly activewear line by model, Lauren Vickers. It brings comfortable and quality activewear to all forms of fitness, from your yoga class right through to your weights and cardio workouts.

Made in the USA using recycled plastic bottles to create lightweight, quick dry eco-friendly clothing for women – Paco Loves Luna showcases a range for all shapes & sizes, including maternity and plus sizes.

The Canberra Edit has an equal love of online shopping and activewear (yes, some days we might wear activewear without any intention of actually being active…. #guilty) so we thought we’d find out more about the business from Lauren herself, and share it with you guys here.

Tell us a about Paco Loves Luna and how it all began.

As well as a model, I’m also a qualified personal trainer, and passionate about helping people to move more. I live and breathe a healthy lifestyle in order to keep myself balanced and happy, and as a result, I spend so much of my time living in activewear. Having worked with so many great activewear brands over the years, I started thinking about bringing them together in one store.

Since starting up Paco Loves Luna, I realised that by offering eco-friendly options (something that was important to me personally) to my customers with sustainable brands, they resoundingly preferred the eco activewear – so I will move forward more in that direction now 🙂

Where did the name come from?

I actually named the brand after an African Grey Parrot that I rescued while living in Miami – it was around that time in my life where I switched up my training I really honed in on my fitness journey. It changed my life and rebuilt my confidence from an abusive situation which I had suffered.

What has been the most challenging experience you have faced in business so far?

2 major things:

The first was learning realise that I can’t do everything myself, so I needed to let go and delegate things that I know are not my strengths, so that my customers can benefit.

The second was (and still is) trying to research and source eco friendly activewear brands and manufacturers. There are a few doing it but it’s still at a stage where it can be tricky to find. I hope to find a good manufacturer in Australia so I can produce my own line!

And the best experience?

For me, the best part is sending out the orders and seeing peoples photos and videos up on social media – loving their new pieces and getting active!


Who inspires you?

I have so many people that inspire me, from all walks of life. There are many people who are in my industry and have built their brand from the ground up (like many of my girlfriends), and especially my Mama – who has to be the most determined and resilient person I have ever met. She is completely self made, has been through incredibly tough times in her life and has also recently lost 50kgs+ through diet and lifestyle changes alone!

I’m lucky to have been surrounded by well-grounded people and raised with good values. The importance of helping others was instilled in me from an early age and I truly believe in it.

Which set in the Paco Loves Luna range is your absolute favourite?

I’m obsessed with the Fern Print in the eco-friendly line from Teeki – the colours pop, and it is so, so comfortable. The fabrics are supportive but move and flow so fluidly with the body, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all!

When designing your own activewear, what were your must-haves when it came to the range? (i.e. comfort, style, breathability, stretchy)

Comfort was number one, and through a range of different movements.

I need my activewear to perform whether I’m busting out a vinyasa flow, clocking up kilometres on a coastal run or perfecting my deadlift technique (and believe me, I have put all of them through significant testing!).

Choosing beautiful prints was hugely important, because I trick myself into more motivation by having cute activewear and feeling good while looking good.

Finding eco friendly activewear was initially just a personal preference but the message has resonated so much more with my customers than I could have predicted, so now that is a major priority.

What does balance mean to you?

Balance to me means listening to your body and working with it.

Gifting yourself the time and dedication to getting stronger, feeling better and working towards your goals – but also understanding when you need to take a step back and choose a different flow for your day.

The body can only handle so much stress – and it doesn’t differentiate between physical stress (working out), emotional stress, mental stress or environmental stress – so being in tune with your own rhythms and working with your situation instead of fighting against it is extremely important.

Some days I love to hit up a hard workout and really work up a sweat, and then dive into my work head first for 12 hours or more on end.

Other days, it’s a better option for me to go for a walk, maybe do some yoga and meditation, and schedule breaks in my work to sit down and take my time with my meals, or plan some creative stuff to flow through instead.

Much of my schedule doesn’t actually have a routine and can be very last minute, so in order to keep myself chilled out, I take everything one step at a time and remember to breathe.

How do you stay fit and healthy?

I switch it up to keep it interesting! I take full advantage of my training as a personal trainer to write myself plans and workouts, and then add in different elements like weight training, boxing, yoga, Pilates, barre, running, swimming, stand up paddling and HIIT training.

I genuinely enjoy eating healthy food, travelling and keeping on my toes, so flexibility is imperative to my lifestyle.

image11 (1).jpeg

What makes you love your body?

Our bodies are incredible in the unique story that they tell and what they’re capable of. The media are finally starting to show some more diversity and that’s helping people to love the body that they have even more.

I love that I can push myself to get stronger, increase my mobility and set myself new challenges every day.   Having grown up in the modelling industry, I didn’t always love the things that made me different, but the older I get, the more appreciative of them I have become.

Describe your typical day in a life:

So this comes with a disclaimer that most days are extremely different in my life – sometimes I can be on set from 5am – 10pm but here was an example of my day yesterday!

6am – Wake up and do 10 minutes of yoga to wake up my body gently and stretch while watching the sunrise 🙂

6:45am – Bust out a sweat sesh in my Paco Loves Luna threads! Yesterday was an F45 resistance training session.

8am – Breakfast time! My favourite meal of the day – usually I have poached eggs with a little bit of smoked salmon or some avocado on toast.

8:30am – Shower and do my usual hair/makeup/beauty routine.

9am – Try and get some admin work done!

11am – Hit the road to attend a couple of PR showings, drop into PR agencies/clients offices to return borrowed items and say hi since I just got back from 3 weeks overseas.

2pm – Healthy lunch at home – tabouli salad bulked out with extra spinach, cucumber, celery tomato, chickpeas, lentils, beans, feta, tuna and pine nuts (I make big batches and leave it in the fridge for during the week when I’m on the go or want a healthy snack)

3pm – Writing blogs, planning content, sending out orders, editing photos, planning photoshoots, putting together outfits for events, LOTS of emails, invoicing, setting up travel etc etc.

6pm – Last minute make up touch ups and change wardrobe for the evening’s events.

6:30pm – 2 events to go to for red carpet appearances, networking with other influencers clients, PR agencies, venues etc.

11:45pm – Home, cleanse off all my makeup and get some much needed rest before tomorrow’s early start!

LAUREN in a flash:

Coffee or tea?   TEA! Always! (Much to my boyfriend’s dismay, he’s a massive coffee fan)

On your bedside table we’ll find: Some books, a bottle of water, hand cream, lip balm and a lamp.

Favourite flowers: Phalaenopsis orchids – they sparkle in the sunshine 🙂

Book you are currently reading: I’m reading two – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** by Mark Manson.

Signature scent: Gucci Flora – Gorgeous Gardenia.

5 can’t-live-without handbag contents:

Lip balm


Tangle Teaser

Aluminium Water Bottle

Pen & Notebook (I realise that’s 5 but I’m old school and like to physically write things down!)

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