Vegan Eats In Canberra

Canberra is blessed with an abundance of delicious places to tantalise your taste buds at every corner. Not only do we have a wide range of cuisines to choose from, but also a pretty great range of vegan-friendly eateries too.

We’ve listed a bunch of delicious cafes and restaurants that are either completely or partially vegan friendly.

Sweet Bones Bakery & Café

Sweet Bones is a delicious Vegan café located in Braddon. Not only does this cruelty free café source as much organic ingredients as possible for their crafty savoury dishes, they also serve up an array of tasty sweet treats that will have your mouth watering.

Round Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? Especially when its vegan friendly and cruelty free! Round Pizza in Dickson is the perfect place for both vegans and meat eaters alike. The folks at Round Pizza are serving up locally sourced and natural produce for everyone, catering to Classic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Low carb, Grain free, Gluten free, Dairy free. Now that’s a pizza place we want to visit!

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Kingsland Vegan Restaurant  

This Vegan, Vietnamese restaurant also located in Dickson, serves up a selection of mock meat plates. The menu has a large amount of tasty options with many of these being also gluten free. The natural and plant based products used by Kingsland Vegan Restaurant makes this eatery perfect for any dietary requirement.

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Local Press Café

Local press café is a tasty, health-conscious café located on the Kingston Foreshore. This delicious eatery serves up a mixture of breakfast and lunch options, with many of these being vegan friendly like the vegan fruit and nut waffle or the falafel salad.

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Eighty/Twenty Food

The philosophy behind this café in Braddon is simple, Food should be balanced with 80-percent natural, clean, unprocessed and healthy meals, mixed with 20- precent cheeky and indulgent treats, and we couldn’t agree more. Eighty/Twenty caters to majority of dietary requirements, including vegan. Many meals like the Apple and Coconut Bircher are vegan, with others being able to be prepared so on request at the time of ordering.

Frugii Dessert Laboratory

No one should have to miss out on dessert time, and thanks to Frugii Dessert Laboratory in Braddon, everyone can enjoy scoops of mouth-watering ice cream or sorbet. There are always a handful of Vegan sorbets on offer at this tasty dessert eatery so you can treat yo self just like everyone else.


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