10 Home Décor Instagram account to Follow

It’s well and truly autumn now, so many of you are probably hoping to add some sort of change to your homes to suit the season. Whether that be growing your indoor jungle, switching the colour and patterns of your cushions or adding a statement artwork to give a somewhat bare room some personality.

We’ve listed 10 of our favourite feeds to scroll through and be treated to the latest interior trends and daily home décor inspiration.


This amazing account belongs to Paul Hecker & Hamish Guthrie, the founding Directors of Melbourne based Interior Design Studio that is Hecker Guthrie. It is filled with some serious interior eye-candy, and is perfect for industrial lovers.

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Sharing beautiful and bright inspiration for the home, Emily Henderson, who is an amazing stylist and New York Times Bestselling author of STYLED gives us an insight into her best work.


Kate Arends shares breathtaking interior inspiration on her account, along with her stunningly styled home that will have you running to the nearest home furniture and décor boutiques.


If you’re a sucker for indoor plants then look no further. The entire account is dedicated to indoor plant inspiration and we are in awe. There really is so many ways to incorporate living greenery into your home.

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Megan Morton shares images of stunning architecture throughout Paris, Japan and more. Her travels across the globe inspire a range of ideas and cultural trends.


Showcasing sleek and modern interior styling for those of us who prefer an un-cluttered and chic space. We highly recommend this account, especially for those who prefer to live surrounded in Monochrome.

This account definitely lives up to its name! Run by Melia who shares stunning images of her own home, and other peaceful, contemporary spaces.


An entire page dedicated to amazing floors, this is our idea of heaven. You’ll have to check it out for yourself to experience the beauty of this perfectly curated page. It’s sure to spark some inspiration for anyone out there building or renovating their home.


A perfect mixture of retro, tropical and more! If your looking for design inspiration that is utterly unique and breathtaking, then this is the account for you.


Classic, timeless and chic are the three words we would use to describe this account. If you’re looking for styling inspiration that is more on the glamorous side, visit Jonathan Adler for an array of ideas and places to find these gorgeous home additions.

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