A sun filled morning at the Bodhifit Brunch

Upon arrival to the invitational BodhiFit Brunch, we were greeted by the friendly and bubbly Rosalie from Good Day PR, and introduced to the master of the class Chey (and her beautiful fur-baby Aston).

As we entered into the studio, it felt immediately relaxing and professional. Warm sun was pouring through the windows of the studio and our class was set up ready to go, while Chey’s lovely mum (and business partner) was preparing us some home made assortments for our post-yoga brunch. – Sounds like a perfect morning right?!


The rest of the yoga-goers arrived and Chey got us into the first 30 minute session of Hatha Yoga. She stepped us through the traditional beginners style of yoga. From here, Chey had our butts burning, our glutes on fire & our balance put to the test with moves that I don’t think we have ever done, like, ever…

Short term pain for long term gain and the best possible way to kick off a weekend, we followed the first 30 minute session with a relaxation session which nearly had us all midday napping. Chey is easy to interpret for us non -yoga buffs, allowing everyone to successfully complete the sessions without feeling or looking like we didn’t know what we were doing. She coached everyone through each set of moves and gave encouragement as we went along.

To wrap up what we thought was already a perfect Saturday morning now feeling fit, fresh and relaxed, we were treated to an elaborate, all home made and sugar free brunch. Chey, her mum and Rosalie had been busy bee’s (either while we were deep in meditation, or possibly the night before) in creating a spectacular spread of fruits, sweets & savoury items alongside some hot flavoured teas and cold lemon and cucumber infused water. These ladies certainly know how to wine and dine you, but without the wine -because well, it was Saturday morning and we were at Yoga.

If you are considering giving Yoga a go, we highly recommend BodhiFit. Chey is a fantastic teacher and truly loves to educate her students through each movement of the practice. Which is perfect for fearful beginners as well as long time Yogis.

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