Style Profile – Samantha Rose from Tailored Talk

If Tailored Talk were a food it would be a delicious, pink frosted, vintage styled cupcake. Samantha Rose, the lovely girl behind Tailored Talk, is unapologetically girly, the kindest and most down to earth fashion blogger you will ever meet and manages to intertwine killer outfits with a wicked sense of humour. Samatha’s followers are just as in love with her feminine style as they are with the guaranteed LOL’s that came with her content. She is, pure and simple, an absolute delight.

W does “style” mean to you?

Style for me is a way of expressing myself. In the words of Rachel Zoe its ‘saying who you are without having to speak’. I have always believed that it’s not necessarily what you wear and how much it cost, but what you have got and how you wear it. I have friends who always look amazing, but mainly shop at Kmart and Target. Also, putting in that bit of extra effort in the morning when I’m off to work or university makes me feel that little bit more confident. If I know that I look okay and feel okay with my appearance I know I’ll be ready to face whatever the day brings. Basically if you look good you will feel good.


Summarise your style in 5 words…






Top 3 Items In your wardrobe?

Levi’s High Waisted Skinny Jeans (that tuck my wobbly bits in at all the right places!)

A Carla Zampatti Navy Silk gown (that I’ve never worn in public, just around the house to make myself feel pretty)

A pink tutu

What are you currently lusting after?

Asilio’s entire latest collection, I’ve always loved their pieces and feel that their designs are the perfect mix of modern and feminine.

Who/what inspires your style?

A bit of everything! I have stacks of old and new Vogue, Elle and Bazaar magazines beside my bed that I often scroll through while I’m sipping on a big cup of tea.

In terms of who inspires me, I’ve always loved Katherine Hepburn. I’ve admired her style since my Dad introduced me to her films when I was younger. Many a time I have drooled over her wardrobe in the film Philadelphia Story, and of course her beautiful androgynous suits.

Zendaya is also a source of style inspiration for me. Her approach to dressing is so adventurous and I admire that confidence to wear pieces that aren’t typical of her gender or age.

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Where can we find you in your spare time?

Most likely huddled up with a dog or two with a big cup of tea reading a good book, or the library. I still love going to my local library to get books, there’s just something romantic about hardcovers and old school print, and I’ve always loved the smell – only fellow bookworms will understand that one!

Favourite Magazine?

I’m a big fan of Elle Australia. I love perusing through the pages of current style finds and can often find pieces that are used on the models that are within my price range.

Suited up or denim & a tee?

Suited Up. Always. And in pink preferably.


Most stylish space in Canberra?

I love the Canberra Centre. It has all the clothing stores I need in the one spot.

Ultimate Style Icon?

Iris Apfel. She is my style spirit animal.

Favourite style quote?

‘Fashion you can buy, but style you possess.’ Iris Apfel


Where can we style stalk you?

Instagram: @tailoredtalk

Facebook: /tailoredtalkaustralia





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