The 6 podcasts you need to listen to and why!

The podcast industry has grown exponentially in recent years, and it’s no wonder. Podcasts are a great way to connect with influential people from around the world discussing news and important topics, in your own time.

Our lives are busy – we work, we run businesses, we parent and we spend time on ourselves more than ever to improve all those things. Podcasts help us relax, stay relevant and consume information without ads and having to be available at a scheduled time.

In the car, while eating breakfast or even walking around the lake – subscribe to some of these absolute gems and be updated every time a new episode becomes available for listening.

WORDS WITH OZ – The essay question podcast by Michael Puhle

How to be your most ambitious self. Oz’ mission is to inspire the world to be more ambitious.

This podcast interviews guests with stories that will inspire you. The questions and conversation dives deep into the core of what makes each guest so successful.

Guests include Kate Williams, Chris Feather, Taryn Williams and Dr Nikki Goldstein

UNSTRESS By Dr Ron Ehrlich

Unstress with Dr. Ron Ehrlich is a weekly resource where he interviews world experts, forward thinkers and thought leaders to empower you to live a life less stressed.

The idea of the podcast Unstress is for Dr. Ron to expand and explore in more detail the broad range of topics touched on in the book – ‘A Life Less Stressed – the five pillars of health and wellness’. Here, Dr Ron talks to world leaders to discuss ‘stress’, the ‘pillars of health’ and what thinking ‘holistically’ is all about.

In this series of podcasts, Dr. Ron also explores the role of the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries in all levels of health, from government policy and regulatory bodies, professional health associations, public health messages right to the ‘coal face’ of the doctor’s surgery. Furthermore, exploring why public health messages are so confusing and often contradictory.

Expect to hear from guests such as Dr Anup Desai, Dr Gary Fettke and Dr Ross Walker

NO FILTER By Mia Freedman

From the dressing rooms of famous media faces to the offices of some of Australia’s most powerful minds, Mia Freedman founder of Mamamia takes you there.

Who doesn’t love some strong chick chat and a little look behind the scenes of our media. We also hear there’ll be celebrity appearances from time to time too.

Hamish & Andy

Our favourite funny duo, Hamish and Andy have left radio but they haven’t left our ears for good!

Get your daily dose of laughs while these two hoots discuss some of life’s biggest dilemmas, take us on random trips around the world, trick their boss and check in with celebrities.

Dirty John

This one won’t be helping you fast track your career or motivate you to change those naughty habits.

However it will have you totally hooked if you are a fan of true crime podcasts or TV for that matter. The podcast is produced by the LA Times and was downloaded over 10 million times in its first month. Rumour has it Dirty John is also headed to the big screen in the not to distant future.

She did it her way

For anyone who is a girl boss or looking to start their own venture this is for you. Each week host Amanda Boleyn talks to female business owners about how they got to where they are, taking a love project to profit and changing business mindset. Forbes has named it one of the 12 best podcasts for entrepreneurs and we can see why so many famous women are loving it this dose of girl power!

Do you have a podcast you are binging? Let us know in the comments.

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