Tips on applying lipstick like a PRO!

Applying lipstick, whether it is bold or subtle, can be the finishing touch that ties an entire look together.

We’ve put together some of our favourite lipstick application tips, so that you can rock your favourite lipstick with confidence and precise!

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First things first, when applying lipstick you want to be sure that you have a hydrated and smooth base to work on. Therefore, its super important to apply lip balm to help smooth the lips and reduce crevices.

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A hint to having the perfect application of your favourite lipstick is to use a closely, or identically matched lip liner.

You can use this to perfectly trace the outside of your lips, leaving the perfect guide for where you need to fill in with the lipstick.


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Fill them in! Now is the fun part where you get to swipe on your desired lipstick colour. Slowly and soft pressed swipes will give you a nice finish and help you stay inside the lip liner.

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Now that you’ve applied, its time to blot. Use either a tissue or piece of blotting paper and gently blot your lips. Once you’re finished apply another layer and repeat the blotting steps! This technique helps the lipstick to stay on longer and reduces transfer.

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If you want to add more dimension to your lips this optional step will help them look shiny and flawless. Simply add your favourite highlighter or a white cream concealer to your cupids bow.

We hope you’ve learned some new tips and tricks that will help you feel glam in your favourite lipstick this autumn!

Written by Danielle Hatch.


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