3 Trends To Try Now

New seasons mean new trends and while we would never suggest throwing out your entire wardrobe when a new collections drops, we do recommend rethinking the way you pair outfits together as things that once seemed crazy are suddenly cooler than cool. Embrace the dwining pendulum of fashion and play around with some colour, texture and changing silhouettes.

Crayola – imagine your pencil case contents as a kid and you are on the right track. Colour is flooding the runway and this opens up a whole bag of rainbow fan next time you get dressed. Go bold and match the unexpected – bubble gum pink with grass green…sounds crazy, but it works! Try yellow and red, or purple and brown. If it seems wrong, well this season at least, it is probably right!

Puff Sleeves – the cold shoulder trend is starting to die down as big sleeves sweep in and take us to dramatic new places after a few seasons of skin is in. Shoulders are no longer naked but rather covered in 80’s flare and ott glory. For the pick of this trend, look for a long dress in a slightly oversized shape with shoulders for days.

Feathers – white, black, brown, lightly sprinkled or fully covered, feathers are everywhere right now. Dip your toe in this trend, literally, with a pair of feather detailed heels or go for a dramatic coat. The textural element of feathers will inject some much needed dimension and quirk into your wardrobe after seasons of minimalism.

This article was brought to you by our resident Style Influencer, Kimberley Sara from The Style Side.

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