What is an influencer?

You may have heard the term ‘influencer’ being thrown around lately, but you might be thinking, what does it actually mean?

As the name suggests, these ‘influencers’ are people with large online followings who essentially, as you may already have guessed, influence others.


Trust us when we say most of the time these guys know what’s cool way before the rest of us – we’re talking new fitness trends to try, outfit inspo, places to visit and delicious eats.

This is pretty much due to the rise in Influencer Marketing and the power of a strong digital presence. Brands are experiencing a higher ROI rate than ever before by simply striking up ongoing partnerships with these influencers whom align with their brand and turn into ambassadors for it.


Not only can we be inspired by those in the ‘real world’ but now thanks to social media, we can be encouraged, motivated and ‘influenced’ by people in an online capacity.

These social media influencers can have anywhere from a thousand followers, up to a million depending on their popularity and reach. For some this has even become a full time career.


If you’d like to check out some of our favourite Canberra influencers, follow this link, you wont be disappointed!

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