The tale of: Nomadic Belle

Nomadic Belle is dedicated to bringing ultimate luxury and comfort to your glamping experience. With the capacity to accommodate up to 100+ guests, the team can pitch their Bell Tents at any desired location within NSW to make your next event one to remember!

From big occasions such as weddings, to where it all begins with a proposal… A picnic, baby shower or family reunion. No matter what the special event, this family owned and run business is making absolute magic!

We sat down with Owner and Director Danni to find out a little more about where it all began…

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Tell us about Nomadic Belle and how it all started.

Nomadic Belle started early in 2015 when my daughter was just 3 months old. I was hungry for something new and to keep me busy during this time. Boy, did I get busy!

Where did the name come from?

When we were choosing the name, I really wanted something that was simple and unique. I wanted it to stick to people’s minds eventually so it had to be able to last the distance.



What has been the most challenging experience you have faced in business so far?

I think figuring out the balance between work life & personal life. Being in business can challenge you in so many ways and you will never be able to foresee all of it, but I really struggled for a long time to work out when I’m allowed to switch off. I have learnt that my health is a very important part of every day.

And the best experience?

The best? I have so many! I am so fortunate in that I get to travel to some of Australia’s best-kept secrets. Private properties you would never dream existed, I’ve seen some of the most amazing sunsets from very privileged corners of the state and the people & animals we meet. I think the best thing about my job is that I grow a little bit more every single job. It can be so profound sometimes, it knocks me off my feet!


Who inspires you?

Lisa Messenger, Janine Ellis, Sophie Cachia, Jacinta McDonell.

Who has been your most high profile client?

Kasey Chambers.


What does balance mean to you?

I believe balance is when you are confident, inspired & driven whilst feeling content within yourself. But to be honest, there’s no such thing. Everyone has their own balance that works for them.

Describe your typical day in a life:

4am wake up & coffee.

430am head to the warehouse.

5am pack the truck.

6am drive to the site.

9am pitch tents.

11am make them pretty.

4pm go home!

It’s a very labour intensive job, my staff work incredibly hard and are very committed to the end result. We’re all a little crazy really!



Coffee or tea? Coffee.

On your bedside table, we’ll find: My phone & hair tie.

Favourite flowers: I love Australian natives.

Book you are currently reading: ‘Get your shit together’ – Sarah Knight.

Signature scent: Gucci – Flora.

5 can’t-live-without handbag contents: I don’t have a handbag, I haven’t had one for many years. I carry my very simple wallet, phone & keys. Everything else is in my car somewhere for when I need it because I drive so much, it all just lives there!

Nomadic Belle is currently taking wedding bookings in Canberra!

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